It’s another interview special!  This time, James was fortunate enough to interview Louise Jameson on stage at the recent Big Blue Box 2 convention held in Tunbridge Wells.  As many of you will know, Louise appeared as Leela in forty episodes of Doctor Who with Tom Baker back in the seventies. Louise was an absolute joy to speak to and fondly reminisced about her time on Doctor Who.   Join her and James as she discusses Leela, Big Finish, Tom Baker, directing Katy Manning and her forays into writing and directing.

Thanks to Stephen Elsden, the Commander-in-Chief of the Big Blue Box conventions which are run in aid of Compaid – a charity providing services to disabled people in the South East of England.

Two hundred!  Two hundred episodes of THE Doctor Who podcast!  One hundred and ninety-nine episodes since that review of The Eleventh Hour all the way back in 2010! Woo-hoo!

How then, should we celebrate such a landmark? What would be appropriate?!  Hmmm.  We at The DWP thought long and hard on this.  There could be so many ways to celebrate this historic occasion and say thank you to our devoted listeners.  We came up with a couple of ideas:

  • humming the Doctor Who theme for five straight hours
  • reviewing Delta and the Bannermen and Unicorn and the Wasp whilst inhaling helium
  • perform an entire podcast in morse code
  • doing a commentary track for Planet of the Dead.

We rejected these plainly insane ideas, and after much discussion finally made a decision.  How about a never-before-heard interview with an iconic Who writer who sadly is no longer with us?  A writer who assisted in giving us War Lords, Draconians, Silurians and Sea Devils?!  Yes.  Yes indeed.   That might be just the way to go!

It is therefore with immense pride that The Doctor Who Podcast presents an interview with none other than Mr Malcolm Hulke!

But why stop there?! Mac, as he preferred to be called struck up a collaborative writing relationship with a man who also went on to become a Who legend in his own right.  Why not interview him too and ask him about his memories of Mac?  We therefore also bring you a brand new interview with Mr Terrance Dicks!

So, sit back and enjoy an hour in the company of Messrs Dicks and Hulke as they talk about the show they help immortalise, all in one juicy, celebratory edition of The Doctor Who Podcast.

Happy 200 everyone.  You may now provide cake.

James and Ian were lucky enough to attend the recent Big Blue Box convention at the Trinity Theatre in Tunbridge Wells. Attending were a whole galaxy of Doctor Who stars, including:

In this episode we bring you some short interviews James and Ian were lucky enough to record with the above gentlemen and talk Doctor Who (naturally!). Two more longer panel are to yet to come, so keep an ear open for them on upcoming podcasts!

A big thank you to Stephen Elsden for organising this amazing convention in aid of Compaid and also affording The Doctor Who Podcast access to the guests and facilities on the day.

In a short break from our Burning Issues mini-series, James and Michele take a look at some of the recent Big Finish special releases and discuss the new adaption of Love and War and also take a look at the two Sixth Doctor, Jago and Litefoot stories, Voyage to Venus and Voyage to the New WorldJames also gets to chat to Bernard Holley who stars in Love and War. All that and a competition to boot!

James also caught up with Stephen and got an update on the exciting goings on at the upcoming Big Blue Box 2 convention.

We bring you a very special episode of the DWP this week –James spoke to DVD value-added-material producer, Mr Ed Stradling.  Ed is responsible for producing a ridiculously high number of extra features that have been included on Doctor Who DVDs, the first of which saw the likes of Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss talk about Earthshock all the way back in 2003!  Ed also talks about Ian Levene’s project to re-construct Planet of the Giants back into the four part-story originally conceived, the results of which appear on the DVD, and discusses rumours about missing stories being found.

So sit down with a  cuppa tea, put your feet up and listen toJames and Ed talk Doctor Who for half an hour!

Last month, the assembled hordes of Doctor Who fans across the planet descended upon the United States third largest city, Chicago.  The DWP was represented in the form of our very own Michele who in additional to being on the podcasting panel, spoke to Messrs Richard Dinnick and Paul Spragg.  Richard has written extensively for Big Finish in both the written and audio formats whilst Paul, Big Finish employee-extraordinaire and serial crisp eater talks about Doctor Who on audio and the plans that Big Finish have for the future.

Join Tom and Michele as they bring you our coverage of the convention  which showcased none other than Sylvester McCoy and Sophie Aldred as headliners and a host of other Dr Who luminaries.



In this episode of the Doctor Who Podcast Michele and Ian present a very exciting interview with composer Andrew Edwards.  Andrew is responsible for the music in a Big Finish Companion Chronicle called The Wanderer.

Michele talks with Andrew about the process behind how a Big Finish score is produced.  There are some fascinating insights into an area of Doctor Who production that is rarely talked about.

And if that wasn’t enough to whet your appetite, you get Ian on the drums. Animal, eat your heart out!



Ladies and Gentlemen, we have great pleasure in bringing you an exclusive, never heard before interview with none other than The Master himself, Mr Anthony Ainley.  The interview was recorded by friend of the show Martin Spellacey in 1981 whilst he was being driven across London by Anthony on his way back from a Doctor Who Convention.

Anthony is relaxed and playful as he candidly discusses Doctor Who and his role in it, Tom Baker, Sarah Sutton, Doctor Who Monthly, cricket and girls.  He even breaks into song on a couple of occassions…..!   Sit back and enjoy time-travel in action.  Anthony Ainley speaking to you from across the ages, thirty years ago – it’s a joy to behold.

Thanks go to Martin from Bristol Community Radio who recorded the interview all those years ago and got in touch with us.

The except from the song ‘The Mind of  Evil’ is performed by Billy Davies and used with his kind permission.  Leeson Fischer and Harry Medium come with their own health warning that is not possible to emphasise enough using mere words.

Thanks also to the myriad of Doctor Who Podcasters to feature on this episode of the DWP!


A short break from the excitement that is Season 7 of Doctor Who.

James and Leeson bring you a fantastic interview from Whooverville 4, one of the greatest conventions on the planet.

They were lucky enough to sit down with classic Doctor Who companion, Peter Purves.

Peter played Steven Taylor, the fiesty companion to the 1st Doctor, William Hartnell from 1965 to 1966.  He has also been involved with various Big Finish companion chronicles.

Settle back for what is an enjoyable interview with Peter Purves.

Join James and Leeson and they bring you a special edition of the Doctor Who Podcast.  The chaps are joined by the charismatic organiser of the already iconic Whooverville conventions, Mr Stephen Hatcher.  Whooverville has established itself as laid back, intimate event on the convention circuit, mainly by holding its first two events in a railway shed in darkest Derbyshire.  Now in its fourth year, Whooverville has moved to a new, gleaming, shiny venue in central Derby. James, Leeson and Steve chat about Whooverville’s past and look forward to the next event, Whooverville 4, being held on 1st September 2012 where attendees will be joined by Peter Purves, Terry Malloy, Richard Franklin, Donald Gee for a day of geekiness.

Also, Steve announces a thus-far unannounced guest Whooverville 4 guest exclusively on this very DWP – and frankly, this new guest makes the event an even more exciting prospect!  Tune in to find out just who is coming to Whooverville…..!!

Check out Whooverville 4’s facebook page where you can keep abreast with current developments, find out information about tickets, the venue and even say how excited you are about it!