Tom was lucky enough to sit down with the Indiana Jones of Doctor Who, Paul Vanezis.  Paul has been involved with the Doctor Who Restoration Team, as well as having a key hand in many of the many documentaries and special features on the Doctor Who DVD releases.

When he isn’t putting the spit and polish to existing episodes, he is out there searching out lost episodes.  Paul can lay claim to returning many formerly lost Doctor Who episodes to the BBC archives.

Sit back and enjoy Tom’s chat with Paul about all things dusty, Doctor Who and DVDs.

The DWP goes scholarly this week with Leeson, Tom and Ian sitting back discussing the literary influences of Doctor Who.

What classic works has Doctor Who drawn its inspiration from, just what influences our favourite program?

A fascinating discussion from the boys from which we want your feedback!

In this episode of the Doctor Who Podcast Trevor was lucky enough to sit down and have a chat with writer Gareth Roberts.

Now if we had to link in the show notes to all the things Gareth has done in Doctor Who and Doctor Who related media the internet would likely melt down due to overload.  Suffice to say Gareth has written for Doctor Who, The Sarah Jane Adventures and Big Finish.  He has written short stories and full length novels featuring Doctors new and old.

The latest work from Gareth is a novelisation of the “lost” story of Doctor Who, Shada.  This story has never enjoyed an official release in book form until now.  Trevor talks to Gareth about the challenges of bringing this story to life in the printed form.

We also announce the winner of the Robert Shearman competition from Episode #130.

Tom, Leeson and James discuss the news surrounding the new series of Doctor Who which is currently filming.

Please note – this episode contains spoilers for information that has been officially released by the BBC and production team members such as Steven Moffat.  A clear, and unmissable warning is given in the episode for when spoilers are afoot.

After a long and not necessarily planned hiatus, the DWP ventures into another quiz.

Leeson is quiz master this time around and pits the questions against an expectant Trevor, Tom and James.

Who will be the victor?  Who will be left crying into their drinks?

Have a listen and find out!

James, Leeson and Ian were lucky enough to attend the Official Doctor Who convention in Cardiff recently and recorded a podcast while they were there.

James and Leeson chat about their experiences at the convention, whilst Ian was lucky enough to secure one of the passes to go and visit the TARDIS set.  Ian recalls this once in a lifetime experience.

A very exciting day at the DWP Campervan as we announce another to our stunning line up of presenters.  I hope you will make him very welcome!

We also delve into the mail bag and read feedback about the current Doctor, Mr Matt Smith.