Two hundred!  Two hundred episodes of THE Doctor Who podcast!  One hundred and ninety-nine episodes since that review of The Eleventh Hour all the way back in 2010! Woo-hoo!

How then, should we celebrate such a landmark? What would be appropriate?!  Hmmm.  We at The DWP thought long and hard on this.  There could be so many ways to celebrate this historic occasion and say thank you to our devoted listeners.  We came up with a couple of ideas:

  • humming the Doctor Who theme for five straight hours
  • reviewing Delta and the Bannermen and Unicorn and the Wasp whilst inhaling helium
  • perform an entire podcast in morse code
  • doing a commentary track for Planet of the Dead.

We rejected these plainly insane ideas, and after much discussion finally made a decision.  How about a never-before-heard interview with an iconic Who writer who sadly is no longer with us?  A writer who assisted in giving us War Lords, Draconians, Silurians and Sea Devils?!  Yes.  Yes indeed.   That might be just the way to go!

It is therefore with immense pride that The Doctor Who Podcast presents an interview with none other than Mr Malcolm Hulke!

But why stop there?! Mac, as he preferred to be called struck up a collaborative writing relationship with a man who also went on to become a Who legend in his own right.  Why not interview him too and ask him about his memories of Mac?  We therefore also bring you a brand new interview with Mr Terrance Dicks!

So, sit back and enjoy an hour in the company of Messrs Dicks and Hulke as they talk about the show they help immortalise, all in one juicy, celebratory edition of The Doctor Who Podcast.

Happy 200 everyone.  You may now provide cake.

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