Earlier this week, the Whoniverse lost one of it’s ‘founder members’ as William Russell passed away. William played Ian Chesterton in the early of years of Doctor Who, from 1963 to 1965. Join Michele and James as they recount their memories of William in Doctor Who before handing over to Brent and Drew who interviewed him in person at a US convention in 2018. The interview first went out on the Who and Company podcast as part of their convention coverage, and it’s wonderful to hear William so relaxed in his conversation.

Rest in Peace William, and thank you for the unforgettable memories. Neither you or your contribution to Doctor Who will be forgotten. We are Most Grateful.

Join Michele as she presents intervews with writers Andrew Smith, John Dorney and Matt Fitton. The trio of writers for Big Finish sit down with Ian and discuss their trade and Doctor Who at Big Finish Day 4 held earlier this year.  Just what does it take to become a writer – and how then do you end up giving words to Gallifrey’s greatest son?

Many thanks to Big Finish Productions and to 10th Planet Events.

James and Tom will be back next week with Episode 256 to discuss ideology in Doctor Who!  You have been warned.

Enjoy the show.

Join us for a landmark Episode of The Doctor Who Podcast! 250 DWPs eh?! Who’d have thought?!  Well, this time we have a treat for you as Ian gets to spend some chatting to the Eight Doctor himself, Mr Paul McGann at this year’s Big Finish Day 4.

The Campervan is full to bursting this week as Trevor, James, Leeson, Michele and Stephen all make an appearance (of sorts!) and chime in with their thoughts about the Eight Doctor era.

Enjoy the show.

Happy New Year everyone! And what better way is there to start the New Year off than looking back at one of 2013’s most popular and successful series of Doctor Who events?!

Lat year, the British Film Institute organised the wonderful Doctor Who at 50  – eleven monthly events, each of which celebrated a different era of the show.  At least one full story was screened at each event and then a panel was held with Doctor Who alumni from each era.  The events attracted Doctor Who stars from across the ages – from Tom Baker to David Tennant to Donald Tosh, the BFI was the place to celebrate Who in 2013.

In this episode, James talks to Justin Johnson and Dick Fiddy from the BFI – the co-curators and organisers of the Doctor Who at 50 events and discuss nearly getting Christopher Eccleston, the ticketing decisions and basically how much they love Doctor Who!

Tune in for Episode 242 in a couple of weeks’ time – be warned: it’s our predictions show!

In the second of our Writers Specials, we speak to Tommy Donbavand and Simon Guerrier about writing for Doctor Who.  Tommy talks about his recent Eleventh Doctor and Clara novel, Shroud of Sorrow and Simon about giving words to the Second Doctor and Jamie in is his Destiny of the Doctors audio, Shadow of Death.

Join Stephen, Tony and Laura as they guide you through the interviews – oh, and there’s a cameo from a truly ghostly voice from the DWP’s murky past……

Join us for Episode 234 next week for our review of Big Finish’s Light at the End.

In a bonus edition of The Doctor Who Podcast, we bring you the first in a mini-series of interviews with writers who have become synonymous with Doctor Who fiction, either through writing books, Big Finish audios or extensive articles for Doctor Who Magazine – or in many cases, all three!

First up, it’s Jonathon Morris who takes time out from his appearance at Big Finish Day 3 to speak to us. Jonny’s back catalogue of Doctor Who output is vast – and is still growing.  He’s the author of over 40 Big Finish audio plays and four original Doctor Who novels for the BBC. Check out his blog – it makes facinating reading.

In this interview he talks to Tony and Laura, our intrepid roving reporters at about writing, missing episodes and how it feels to put words into the mouths of actors we became familiar with by watching them on the telly all those years ago.

Many thanks to both Big Finish Productions and to 10th Planet Events for allowing us to cover the event. Enjoy the show!

The reptiles theme continues this week as James, Stephen and a special guest talk about the much-maligned Warriors of the Deep.  What will the Campervan occupants make of the re-imagined Silurians and Sea Devils and of course, everyone’s favourite pet marine monster, the Myrka?

Stephen also has the privilege of talking to the wonderful Tara Ward who played Preston in Warriors about her memories of being cast, filming and what things were like on Sea Base 4.

Enjoy the show.

They’ve finally managed to do it. After years of trying,  Ian and Michele have finally broken out of  the Campervan annex and have ‘peacefully occupied’ the Executive Recording Lounge! The reason for this incursion however is valid as they’ve found a Dalek to interview. And this is no ordinary Dalek either – it’s none other than Barnaby Edwards who has been operating various Skarosians for nigh-on twenty years.  And if that wasn’t enough, Ian and Michele review The Spectre of Lanyon Moor, an early Big Finish play starring Barnaby and written by fellow Dalek operator, Nicholas Pegg.

The interview was recorded at Big Finish Day 3 – thanks again to Big Finish and 10th Planet Events and of course to both Tony Whitmore and Laura Cowen.

Join James and Trev next week as they discuss….well, that would be telling wouldn’t it?!


It’s another interview special!  This time, we are immensely proud to present an interview with the definitive tin dog himself, Mr John Leeson.  And if that wasn’t enough, we talk to the legend that is Chase Masterson about playing opposite both Tom Baker and Sylvester McCoy in recent Big Finish plays and how her portrayal landed her with her own spin-off series, Vienna.

These are just two of the interviews we recorded at Big Finish Day 3, more are on their way very soon. Our thanks go to 10th Planet Events and Big Finish Productions allowing us to cover the event.

Next week: they’re BACK! Trev, Tom and James put some classic DVDs under the microscope and Ian and Michele return with a review of one of the latest Fourth Doctor and Romana Big Finish plays.  Don’t miss it!