As the title of this release suggests, quite a busy and eclectic week at the Doctor Who campervan.

First up is our look at Power of the Daleks – Reimagined, the fan film that sets to bring to life one of the classic and beloved stories from the Patrick Troughton era of Doctor Who.

We have an interview with the man who plays the Doctor, Nick Scovell, and producer/DOP/tea maker Rob Thrush.

We review Power of the Daleks – Reimagined to see how it stacks up against the story that inspired it.  Ian and Michele also had a listen to an audio recording of the original 60s story and share their thoughts.

We also have an interview with Graeme Burk, one of the two authors of a marvellous Doctor Who reference book called Who is the Doctor.

Ian and Michele are back again to round off the episode with their review of the Big Finish audio The Catalyst.

Tom was lucky enough to sit down with the Indiana Jones of Doctor Who, Paul Vanezis.  Paul has been involved with the Doctor Who Restoration Team, as well as having a key hand in many of the many documentaries and special features on the Doctor Who DVD releases.

When he isn’t putting the spit and polish to existing episodes, he is out there searching out lost episodes.  Paul can lay claim to returning many formerly lost Doctor Who episodes to the BBC archives.

Sit back and enjoy Tom’s chat with Paul about all things dusty, Doctor Who and DVDs.

In this episode of the Doctor Who Podcast Trevor was lucky enough to sit down and have a chat with writer Gareth Roberts.

Now if we had to link in the show notes to all the things Gareth has done in Doctor Who and Doctor Who related media the internet would likely melt down due to overload.  Suffice to say Gareth has written for Doctor Who, The Sarah Jane Adventures and Big Finish.  He has written short stories and full length novels featuring Doctors new and old.

The latest work from Gareth is a novelisation of the “lost” story of Doctor Who, Shada.  This story has never enjoyed an official release in book form until now.  Trevor talks to Gareth about the challenges of bringing this story to life in the printed form.

We also announce the winner of the Robert Shearman competition from Episode #130.

Whilst Michele was at Gallifrey 23 in February waving the flag for the Doctor Who Podcast she was lucky enough to be able to sit down and interview actor Richard Franklin, who played Captain Mike Yates during the classic Doctor Who period from 1971 to 1974.

Michele talked with Richard about his time on the show, his forays into Big Finish and Michele’s own previous involvement with Richard in a production.

Plenty packed into this weeks episode for you to enjoy.

First up are two interviews, both recorded during Trevor’s trip to Toowoomba last month. The first is with David Riley, organiser for the Toowoomba Local Group of the Doctor Who Club of Australia.  Trevor talks with David about how he set up the club and the wonderful community of fans that exists in this regional area.

Next up Trevor spoke to Geoff Campbell, who has produced a replica TARDIS which sits pride of place in his front yard. Trevor talks to Geoff about the background of the project, and the challenges he faced building this replica, as well as the worldwide community of TARDIS builders that exists.

Ian and Michele review a Big Finish Companion Chronicle – Solitaire.

Trevor and James review the DVD release of the classic Doctor Who story, The Sensorites.

An extra special feature length episode of the Doctor Who Podcast this week in whichJames talks to Rob Shearman, who amongst his many achievements, brought the Daleks back to the new series in 2005.

He has also contributed serveral stories to the Big Finish range of audios, written books such as Tiny Deaths, Love Songs for the Shy and Cynical and Wanting to Believe, a look at the series XFiles and its spinoffs.

As if his day is not busy enough already, he hatched a plan with Toby Hadoke to sit down and not only watch every episode of Doctor Who, but write down his thoughts and put them in book form.  The result, the book Running Through Corridors, has already seen its first volume released.

James sat down and talked to Rob about all things Doctor Who, twitter, his childhood memories of the show and much more.

James and Ian were lucky enough to spend the day at the Big Blue Box Convention, and were lucky enough to secure some excellent coverage of the event.

One of the events at the convention was a screening of Cleaning Up, written by Simon Guerrier, who is heavily involved with the Big Finish range, and directed by Thomas Guerrier.

James caught up with Simon and chatted with him about this new short film.

Also in this episode are interviews with Tom Spilsbury, current editor of Doctor Who Magazine and Stephen Elsden, organiser of the Big Blue Box Convention.

At the end of a hectic day, James and Ian had the opportunity to chat to none other than Louise Jameson, best known as playing Leela from 70s Doctor Who alongside Tom Baker.  She stars in Cleaning Up, and chatted to James about the film and her time on Doctor Who.

A big thanks to the Guerrier Brothers and Stephen Elsden for making The Doctor Who Podcast so welcome on the day and for the opportunity to secure these fantastic interviews.

You are most welcome to the latest episode of the Doctor Who Podcast.

Within this jam-packed podcast you will find an interview with writer Nev Fountain, he of Big Finish, Dead Ringers and Mervyn Stone Mysteries fame.  Trevor had a chat with him about all things comedy, Doctor Who and sofas.

Michele and Ian review the Big Finish Companion Chronicle, Peri and the Piscon Paradox.

We read through your feedback for the 2011 Christmas special.

All this, and a major announcement that will shake the DWP to its very foundations.  A little.

During the London Riots earlier in the year, our very ownJames tried to find a quiet table and sit down with Simon Guerrier, a name that you might not all be familiar with but one that has been cropping up in the world of Doctor Who for many years now.

Simon has written for Big Finish for the Fifth and Seventh Doctors. Contributed stories to the Short Trips range. He has written original novels for the First and Tenth Doctors. Written comic strips. Made Bernice Summerfield come to life in the printed word. And produced some of the most fondly remembered documentaries which have featured on the 2Entertain range of classic series DVD releases.

In fact pretty much the only thing he HASN’T done is written for the new series.

Though that can’t be far away.

James had a fascinating chat with Simon, a man who has had such a submliminal effect on our enjoyment of Doctor Who. You might not know who he is, but after this interview, you will.

The DWP like nothing better than a good ‘ole geek out – a chance to let our hair down, sit back with a warm, or indeed cold beverage, and talk about whatever pops into our heads.

And that is exactly what we do in this episode. Unburdened by the shackles of BBC programming, Trevor and Tom geek out about a whole manner of things, far too lengthy to list here.

We also play an interview that ourJames had with writer Tom McRae, writer of the two part Cybermen story Rise of the Cybermen and Age of Steel. He also wrote The Girl Who Waited from this current season.

A truly bursting at the seams episode for your enjoyment!