The love for Big Finish at the Doctor Who Podcast Towers is well known, we have often trumpeted our passion for the ranges from the highest of rooftops.  From its dedicated monthly range of releases featuring classic Doctors to its Companion Chronicles, and various spinoff series featuring characters from the show, Big Finish is the flag bearer for Doctor Who in audio.

This episodeJames and Michele share their love for the releases and some of the hidden gems to be found at Big Finish and talk about some of their favourite stories.

Whilst Cyberleader Kang puts the finishing touches to Ep 154 of the Doctor Who Podcast, it is time for another DWP Quiz!

This quiz has Tom asking the questions to the three nervous lads in the Campervan.

Who will come out victorious?  Who will go away and cry into their Doctor Who episode guide?  Who will get the honour of asking the questions for Quiz 13?  Have a listen and find out!

One of the big problems putting out one of the finest Doctor Who podcasts on the planet is we also attract some of the finest Doctor Who fans on the planet, who email us with the finest feedback on the planet.

So we devote an podcast to digging deep into the email inbox and sampling some fine thoughts from you our awesome listeners.

Leeson and James have the feedbacking duties this time, and cover a wide range of topics such as least favourite stories, Dragonfire rants and much much more.

Well, its taken close to six months, but Leeson has finally drawn the attention away from the other three wanabee regulars of the campervan and managed to shine the spotlight on himself.

It’s all about Leeson for this episode of the Doctor Who Podcast, where we try and help Leeson decide what classic Doctor Who episode to watch next.

But surely Leeson has seen them all, just like the other three main hosts, we hear you cry?  Apparently not, and it is up to Trev, James and Tom to state their cases for some of their picks from Leeson’s pile of unwatched shame.

Which stories hasn’t Leeson seen?  Which one will he pick?  Will there be any justice as the boys wage the battle for Leeson’s eyeballs?

Join James and Leeson and they bring you a special edition of the Doctor Who Podcast.  The chaps are joined by the charismatic organiser of the already iconic Whooverville conventions, Mr Stephen Hatcher.  Whooverville has established itself as laid back, intimate event on the convention circuit, mainly by holding its first two events in a railway shed in darkest Derbyshire.  Now in its fourth year, Whooverville has moved to a new, gleaming, shiny venue in central Derby. James, Leeson and Steve chat about Whooverville’s past and look forward to the next event, Whooverville 4, being held on 1st September 2012 where attendees will be joined by Peter Purves, Terry Malloy, Richard Franklin, Donald Gee for a day of geekiness.

Also, Steve announces a thus-far unannounced guest Whooverville 4 guest exclusively on this very DWP – and frankly, this new guest makes the event an even more exciting prospect!  Tune in to find out just who is coming to Whooverville…..!!

Check out Whooverville 4’s facebook page where you can keep abreast with current developments, find out information about tickets, the venue and even say how excited you are about it!

We got a bit of the fit of the giggles in the DWP Campervan this week when we realised we had reached the lofty heights of Episode 150 of the Doctor Who Podcast.  So it seemed only apt that we talk about comedy and its relationship with our favourite program, Doctor Who.

And who better than to talk about comedy, but a comedian?  Long time contributor to the show Ashley Frieze finally takes up a pink vinyl seat in the Campervan alongside Trev, James, Tom and Leeson and talks about what has made us laugh in Doctor Who.  We also discuss comedians who have made the leap from standup to Doctor Who as well as comedy gold and misfires.

Ian and Michele also join the fun and discuss – The Horns of Nimon – proper story or panto?

Throw into the mix a few DWP skits and sketches, as well as a song from Ashley, and you have the 150th episode of the DWP!