Nearly typed “planet” there….

What else would any self-respecting Doctor Who podcast be doing straight after Easter. Why, reviewing The Impossible Astronaut of course! The DWP is no different, and it is with a spring in our step and a thrill coursing our entire bodies that we review the season opener.

We also announce the winners of a couple of competitions we have had going over the past month.

With the premiere of Season 6 just around the corner (my gosh it’s exciting, isn’t it?) Tom and James sift through the mountain of rumours, heresay, facts, whispers and information surrounding what we are in for.

Needless to say, this episode is crammed with spoilers, both confirmed and unconfirmed. If you are in any way allergic to them, play this episode in about six weeks time.

This episode was recorded shortly before we learnt about the sad passing of Elisabeth Sladen. A proper tribute episode will be released in a few weeks.

Fresh from their victory and humiliating defeat at the Gallifrey 22 convention, the DWP team decided it was time to pit their wits against each other again, and hence the DWP Quiz 9 was born.

Trevor is quizmaster this time around and he has come up with some fiendish questions to pit against Tom and James.

The arena is set, the players are ready, the half time oranges are cut and ready to go. The only question is, are you, the listener, ready for this goliath-like battle?

The Big Finish Machine keeps on rolling…..and so does The Doctor Who podcast! Join James and Tom as they take a look at the recent 7th Doctor, Ace and Hex trilogy, Project Destiny, A Death in the Family and Lurkers at Sunlights Edge. James also interviews Steven Hall, the writer A Death in the Family – the most talked about Big Finish play in recent years. We also launch yet another competition with a rather nifty little prize and go through some of the oodles of feedback all you nice listeners have been sending in.

Let us know what you think of the episode by getting in touch with us at – and be sure to join us next week for our Season Six preview!

Well, The Aztecs stand even today as one of the most shining examples of Doctor Who. It is a story that fulfils Doctor Who’s original mandate to educate, whilst at the same time it entertains.

This story has always been a firm favourite of the DWP, and we devote our episode to talking about it. We also have an interview with one of the cast from, Ian Cullen, who played Ixta.

In this episode we look at a side of Doctor Who that isn’t discussed very much – the partners of devoted Doctor Who fans.

Whilst we are all away at conventions, producing podcasts, watching DVDs, knitting scarfs and submitting scripts, just what do our partners do and what do they think of our obsession?

We bring in opinions from all over the globe, courtesy of podcasting friends.