It’s another interview special!  This time, we are immensely proud to present an interview with the definitive tin dog himself, Mr John Leeson.  And if that wasn’t enough, we talk to the legend that is Chase Masterson about playing opposite both Tom Baker and Sylvester McCoy in recent Big Finish plays and how her portrayal landed her with her own spin-off series, Vienna.

These are just two of the interviews we recorded at Big Finish Day 3, more are on their way very soon. Our thanks go to 10th Planet Events and Big Finish Productions allowing us to cover the event.

Next week: they’re BACK! Trev, Tom and James put some classic DVDs under the microscope and Ian and Michele return with a review of one of the latest Fourth Doctor and Romana Big Finish plays.  Don’t miss it!



Join Leeson and James as they present the final piece of our coverage from Big Blue Box 2, a Doctor Who Convention held in Tunbridge Wells earlier this year. James hosts the writer’s panel in front of a theatre full of Doctor Who fans and talks to writers Andrew Smith, Simon Guerrier and Nigel Fairs.  How does it feel to have written the first words for a character that was killed off two years later?   How does it feel to resurrect a sixties companion forty five years after her on-screen death?! And what is it like to kill off a well-loved companion from the seventies on audio – and then be commissioned to write a sequel?! All these things and more are discussed on this episode of the Doctor Who Podcast!

Big Blue Box was run in aid of Compaid – a charity that helps disabled people in the south east of England and Kent.  Find out more by visiting their website at  Thanks again to Stephen Elsden for being an all-round jolly decent chap and allowing the DWP to cover the convention.


Leeson is back from warmer climes and is in the campervan alongside a decidely pale James to talk about Doctor Who.

Being a geek out, there is no script, no plan, and no idea.  The only clue we can give you about what they cover is that it has something to do with Doctor Who.

We’ve said too much – just dive in and enjoy.

It is always a fun episode when we delve into the DWP mailbag, and this time is no different.

In this episode Michele and Trevor listen to and read out feedback from all over our great planet regarding your thoughts on Series 7B.

On Saturday 1st June, the BBC annouced that Matt Smith is to leave the role of The Doctor in the 2013 Christmas Special.  So after three and half years, we have but two episodes of Doctor Who featuring Matt Smith left.  Join us in the campervan for this special edition of the DWP as Trevor and James assimilate, cogitate and digest the information.

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