Another era of our favourite show comes to an end – Matt Smith takes his final bow and morphs into the erratic kidney loving Peter Capaldi.

Time of the Doctor gives us our final glimpse of Matt Smith as the Doctor, and it is down to Stephen and Trevor to provide their thoughts on the story – but James manages to get his thoughts in too!

Get your feedback in on this story and indeed on the whole of the Matt Smith era to

Not so long ago in a galaxy far, far away, there lived a Doctor Who fan.  A grumpy Doctor Who fan.  This is the story of what happened to him.   Merry Christmas to all our poor, poor listeners.

Ladies and Gentlemen, The Doctor Who Podcast is proud to present – this year’s Christmas Quiz!! Yes, it’s that time of year when we all torment each other and find out just how little we actually know about Doctor Who.

So sit back, have a cup of tea and enjoy hearing Stephen, Tom and Leeson squirm under the barrage of brain-teasers James thoroughly enjoys throwing at them!

Join James, Stephen and Ian as they get together to talk about….well, it’s a geek-out so anything’s on the cards.  It’s only natural however that the conversation heads in the direction of reviewing the 50th Anniversary year.  All three attended the Celebration at the Excel so that gets a review along with a chat about all the other celebratory events that have taken place .   In all the excitement, a lone voice dares to say; yes Doctor Who has taken over television – but has there been enough of the actual flagship show itself?  Would we have traded the Afterparty and The Science of Doctor Who for another episode of the show itself?  Hmmm.

Next week – it’s BACK!  Yes, it’s our Christmas Quiz!!

With Day of the Doctor having aired over a week ago, it’s time to find out what our listeners thought of the Anniversary episode.  Join James, Stephen, Michele and Tony as they read, listen and argue about the points of view you’ve send in!