James and Ian were lucky enough to spend the day at the Big Blue Box Convention, and were lucky enough to secure some excellent coverage of the event.

One of the events at the convention was a screening of Cleaning Up, written by Simon Guerrier, who is heavily involved with the Big Finish range, and directed by Thomas Guerrier.

James caught up with Simon and chatted with him about this new short film.

Also in this episode are interviews with Tom Spilsbury, current editor of Doctor Who Magazine and Stephen Elsden, organiser of the Big Blue Box Convention.

At the end of a hectic day, James and Ian had the opportunity to chat to none other than Louise Jameson, best known as playing Leela from 70s Doctor Who alongside Tom Baker.  She stars in Cleaning Up, and chatted to James about the film and her time on Doctor Who.

A big thanks to the Guerrier Brothers and Stephen Elsden for making The Doctor Who Podcast so welcome on the day and for the opportunity to secure these fantastic interviews.

Big Finish is again the subject of another exciting podcast from the DWP Towers this week as we delve into the latest McCoy threesome of releases from this most magnificent company.

Robophobia, The Doomsday Quatrain and House of Blue Fire has been obtained, listened to and disected.  Just what will Trev, Leeson and James make of them?

You are most welcome to the latest episode of the Doctor Who Podcast.

Within this jam-packed podcast you will find an interview with writer Nev Fountain, he of Big Finish, Dead Ringers and Mervyn Stone Mysteries fame.  Trevor had a chat with him about all things comedy, Doctor Who and sofas.

Michele and Ian review the Big Finish Companion Chronicle, Peri and the Piscon Paradox.

We read through your feedback for the 2011 Christmas special.

All this, and a major announcement that will shake the DWP to its very foundations.  A little.

A new year dawns (Happy New Year to all our listeners!), so it must be time for the DWP to dust off their crystal balls again and make some grandiose and probably totally incorrect predictions for what will be happening in the world of Doctor Who in 2012.

We also rather foolishly review the predictions we made in Episode #59 about what was going to happen in 2011.  Hear where we went dramatically wrong!