Closing Time brings us to the penultimate episode for Seres 6 of Doctor Who, and it falls to Trevor and Tom to discuss and share their thoughts on this story.

Not content with talking about the episode, they ended up talking about all manner of things other than the story itself!

Rest assured there are no spoilers for non-screened episodes, so please enjoy!

WithJames and Tom abandoning Trevor this week some extra special help was called upon to review The God Complex.

Chip from the Two Minute Timelord podcast answered the call to action and joins Trevor in the campervan for the review.

We also play your feedback from the last couple of stories.

With a title like The Girl Who Waited, it wasn’t hard to figure out who this episode would focus on.

Doctor Who presents us with another standalone episode, which Trevor, James and Tom share their thoughts on this week.

We also announce details of an exciting competition!

Whooverville 3 recently took place on Saturday 3rd September 2011 and The Doctor Who Podcast was there!

As where a lot of other podcasts, as part of the Doctor Who Podcast Alliance representation at the event.

OurJames, along with Michael from the Tin Dog Podcast and Luke from the Minute Doctor Who Podcast were lucky enough to interview 80s Who Girl herself, Nicola Bryant.

Enjoy this very interesting interview with the Doctor Who companion who travelled alongside not one, but two Doctors.


After checking the front door to make it was locked, leaving a light on and having the phone handy we settled down to watch Night Terrors, a creepy entry into the Season 6 lineup.

All three DWP hosts are in the campervan this week – Trevor, James and Tom.  Hear what they have to say about this story.