A chance for the strange inhabitants of the DWP Campervan, otherwise known as Trevor, Leeson and Ian to let their hair down and talk an even higher level of nonsense than is typical in a podcast.  Yes ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for another world famous DWP Geek Out!

Topics plucked from nowhere this episode include:

(please note not all topics listed may be in the podcast)

Ian and Michele also share with us their review of the first portions of the I Davros series from Big Finish.

No sniggering down the back there!  This is serious!  THIS. IS. PODCASTING!

Step inside the DWP campervan for a final look back at the series 7.  Did the five episodes live up to their ‘movie of the week’ billing promulgated by Mr Moffat and his team?  Or did they fall – well, just a little bit flat?  What of the ‘standalone, no-arc’ policy?  Did it work? Was it even true?!  Will you miss the Ponds? Did they have a happy or sad farwell? Will we see them again?!  And just how much of a coincidence was it that the Statue of Liberty was exactly the right height so that her head poked menacingly above the roof-edge at Winter Quay?!

So many questions! Join Trevor (he’s back!) and James (he’s s still here) as they attempt to answer some of these, and some other, more sensible ones posed by our listeners!

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In this episode of the Doctor Who Podcast Michele and Ian present a very exciting interview with composer Andrew Edwards.  Andrew is responsible for the music in a Big Finish Companion Chronicle called The Wanderer.

Michele talks with Andrew about the process behind how a Big Finish score is produced.  There are some fascinating insights into an area of Doctor Who production that is rarely talked about.

And if that wasn’t enough to whet your appetite, you get Ian on the drums. Animal, eat your heart out!



Ladies and Gentlemen, we have great pleasure in bringing you an exclusive, never heard before interview with none other than The Master himself, Mr Anthony Ainley.  The interview was recorded by friend of the show Martin Spellacey in 1981 whilst he was being driven across London by Anthony on his way back from a Doctor Who Convention.

Anthony is relaxed and playful as he candidly discusses Doctor Who and his role in it, Tom Baker, Sarah Sutton, Doctor Who Monthly, cricket and girls.  He even breaks into song on a couple of occassions…..!   Sit back and enjoy time-travel in action.  Anthony Ainley speaking to you from across the ages, thirty years ago – it’s a joy to behold.

Thanks go to Martin from Bristol Community Radio who recorded the interview all those years ago and got in touch with us.

The except from the song ‘The Mind of  Evil’ is performed by Billy Davies and used with his kind permission.  Leeson Fischer and Harry Medium come with their own health warning that is not possible to emphasise enough using mere words.

Thanks also to the myriad of Doctor Who Podcasters to feature on this episode of the DWP!


Well.  That was it!  Everything seems strange and lonely now. The first five epsiodes of season seven are now a thing of the past.  There’s no more new Doctor Who to watch on our tellyboxes until Christmas.  What we are going to do on Saturday evenings now?  Hmmm.  Watch Doctor Who DVD’s probably…..  Anyway, Tom and James sit down and talk about The Angels Take Manhattan.  They’re visited by non-linear versions of Ian and Trevor in their respective time bubbles.

Episode 167 will be our season seven wrap-up and feedback episode, so send your audio thoughts and musings to us at feedback@thedoctorwhopodcast.com.