Join James, Michele and Ian as they talk about Jon Pertwee’s and the third Doctor’s final story, Planet of the Spiders.  How does this story stand up compared to the other farewell stories? And just who is afraid of spiders anyway?  Along with some listener feedback and the announcement of the winner of the Tenth Planet DVD competition, what more could you ask for?

Well okay then, since you insist: Ian and Michele also review the final story in the third series of Eighth Doctor and Charley Big Finish adventures, The Twilight Kingdom.

In a short break from our Burning Issues mini-series, James and Michele take a look at some of the recent Big Finish special releases and discuss the new adaption of Love and War and also take a look at the two Sixth Doctor, Jago and Litefoot stories, Voyage to Venus and Voyage to the New WorldJames also gets to chat to Bernard Holley who stars in Love and War. All that and a competition to boot!

James also caught up with Stephen and got an update on the exciting goings on at the upcoming Big Blue Box 2 convention.

In this episode of the Doctor Who Podcast Trevor was lucky enough to sit down and have a chat with writer Gareth Roberts.

Now if we had to link in the show notes to all the things Gareth has done in Doctor Who and Doctor Who related media the internet would likely melt down due to overload.  Suffice to say Gareth has written for Doctor Who, The Sarah Jane Adventures and Big Finish.  He has written short stories and full length novels featuring Doctors new and old.

The latest work from Gareth is a novelisation of the “lost” story of Doctor Who, Shada.  This story has never enjoyed an official release in book form until now.  Trevor talks to Gareth about the challenges of bringing this story to life in the printed form.

We also announce the winner of the Robert Shearman competition from Episode #130.

What self respecting podcast doesn’t release an episode on November 23rd?

Certainly not The Doctor Who Podcast!

In this episode we have a chat about the rumours surrounding the Doctor Who movie. The Doctor Who convention in March 2012 comes under our piercing DWP gaze.

We draw the Simon Guerrier competition which we started in episode #108.

The Ark has recently been released on DVD, and Trevor and James take a look at what it has to offer.

This week was to have been our episode on the delightful Elisabeth Sladen, but unfortunately real life got in the way and James could not join us. We really wanted to do Lis justice and have all three of us in the campervan so we will postpone that episode for a very short while.

So, in the meantime, with a lack of anything to say about one of Doctor Who’s favourite companions, Trev and Tom settle back and have a geek out.

A what a wide ranging discussion it is – Voyage of the Damned, stunt casting, numeracy, Australian accents, accountancy and a whole lot of laughter.

Also the announcement of our competition just in time for Christmas.

During the London Riots earlier in the year, our very ownJames tried to find a quiet table and sit down with Simon Guerrier, a name that you might not all be familiar with but one that has been cropping up in the world of Doctor Who for many years now.

Simon has written for Big Finish for the Fifth and Seventh Doctors. Contributed stories to the Short Trips range. He has written original novels for the First and Tenth Doctors. Written comic strips. Made Bernice Summerfield come to life in the printed word. And produced some of the most fondly remembered documentaries which have featured on the 2Entertain range of classic series DVD releases.

In fact pretty much the only thing he HASN’T done is written for the new series.

Though that can’t be far away.

James had a fascinating chat with Simon, a man who has had such a submliminal effect on our enjoyment of Doctor Who. You might not know who he is, but after this interview, you will.

Time to delve into the wonderful universe of Big Finish at the Doctor Who Podcast.

The latest fifth Doctor trilogy of Heroes of Sontar, Kiss of Death and Rat Trap make their way across the DWP Campervan kitchen bench for us to slice, dice and boil down to its constituent parts.

We also announce another competition in which you can win some major prizes. We meant to announce this competition last week, but um, forgot. Sorry about that.

With a title like The Girl Who Waited, it wasn’t hard to figure out who this episode would focus on.

Doctor Who presents us with another standalone episode, which Trevor, James and Tom share their thoughts on this week.

We also announce details of an exciting competition!

Possibly the most misleading title in the history of Doctor Who (right up there with The Doctor’s Daughter, The Doctor’s Wife and The Happiness Patrol) Let’s Kill Hitler marks the return of Doctor Who to our screens for the second time in 2011.

James and Tom review this most interesting episode.

We also draw the winner of our competition from Episode 95.

Your feedback, as always, is welcome.  Send it through to“>

Trevor and James are in prediction mode this episode and we take a look at the rumour, speculation and tasty titbits about the return of Doctor Who this coming weekend.

Warning to all listeners – we discuss what we have learnt about Series 6B, some is fact, some is rumour.  But if you don’t want to be spoiled then we suggest you join us next week.

Torchwood episode 5 and 6 are reviewed.

We also draw the winner of our recent Paradise Towers DVD competition.