Another era of our favourite show comes to an end – Matt Smith takes his final bow and morphs into the erratic kidney loving Peter Capaldi.

Time of the Doctor gives us our final glimpse of Matt Smith as the Doctor, and it is down to Stephen and Trevor to provide their thoughts on the story – but James manages to get his thoughts in too!

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Hot on the heels of last episode’s instant review of the Day of the Doctor, the DWP presenters retreat to the relative safety of the DWP Campervan to have a more measured, thoughtful, insightful discussion on the 50th Anniversary story.

Join the hosts of your favourite Doctor Who podcast as they discuss in more detail their reactions to The Day of the Doctor!

Ever sat back and marvelled at Steven Moffat‘s ability to weave multi-threaded plotlines?  What a fantastic mystery Clara was, set up almost 12 months before the resolution was presented on our telly screens.  Oh, and don’t forget the ‘Who precisely IS River Song’ arc that kicked off all the way back in 2008. But sometimes, Mr Moffat asks wonderfully intriguing questions – and then seems to forget about them. Or does he?!  Join James and Stephen from A Madman With a Box Podcast as they shine the DWP spotlight on these seemingly unanswered questions and chat about a couple of Kooky theries you wonderful listeners have sent in.

If that wasn’t enough, Stephen Elsden returns in part 3 of our increasingly popular Seventh Heaven mini-series to talk about Rememberance of the Daleks and the Happiness Patrol. Does carnage ensue? Tune in to find out!

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Join Leeson, Trevor and Michele in the Campervan this coming weekend in an extra edition of the Doctor Who Podcast as they give Big Finish‘s Dark Eyes the DWP Review treatment.

Now the dust has settled with the Name of the Doctor having screened and most (but not all!) of the secrets have been revealed, Ian and Tom push back in a lazy chair and discuss Series 7B as a whole.  Their highlights, their lowlights, what worked, what didn’t, and the magic time travelling properties of coffee.

All this and so much more in another episode of THE Doctor Who Podcast.

We are finally here.  The long journey that began way back in September 2012 comes to an end with The Name of the Doctor.  Comes to an end, but also tantalises us with the voyage we have ahead of us in this anniversary.

An eager Trevor, James and Tom are in the campervan this time around, all bursting at the seams to share their thoughts on the final story of Series 7.

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This episode of the THE Doctor Who Podcast has it all.  Spoiler filled (and appropriately flagged) discussion, potted reviews of the episodes so far, and the return of The Onion Boy, Tom to the hallowed kitchen of the DWP Campervan.

A truly wide ranging discussion on all things Who, an episode not to be missed.

It’s not just reimagined Cybermen making a return this week, Ian makes a return to the Campervan too.  Oh, and Stephen, after guesting on last week’s show has made himself comfortable and joins us once again  – the campervan is full this week!  Join the lads for for an ‘upgraded’ DWP as they appraise Neil Gaiman’s second Doctor Who script, Nightmare In Silver.   Tune in to find out if they give it the thumbs up – or use the Cybermen’s immortal cry of ‘Delete, Delete, Delete’!

It’s another episode of The Doctor Who Podcast and this time, Trevor and James are joind by Stephen Prescott of A Madman With  Box Podcast fame.  Join the lads as they talk about Mark Gatiss’ second script of this year’s run of episodes. What did they make of it?! They also take some time to talk about Doctor Who in the fiftieth anniversary year – just how is the celebratory year going so far and what can we look forward to over the next twelve months or so?

James and Trevor have the absolute hide this week to bring you their review of the new story Hide.

The review was recorded whilst hiding in their newly constructed duck hide, laying on the hides of at least 15 different animals.  This new addition to the Campervan complex is called “The Hideout”, though you will neither hide nor hair of a mention of this on the official drawings.

So find your favourite hiding place, pop your earphones in and join James and Trevor in their discussion of Hide.

Things get decidedly chilly in the DWP Campervan this week as Trevor, Leeson and James review the latest episode of Doctor Who – Cold War.

Yes, it’s the highly anticipated return of the Ice Warriors and our intrepid reviewing team revel in the opportunity to discuss a new Ice Warrior story.

To help prepare themselves for this episode, the boys sat in a cramped cupboard together for a week and poured water over their heads every three minutes whilst watching The Hunt for Red October on a continuous loop.

They talk about submarines, the 1980s, Russians and what, just what – precisely if you please – is the correct definition of a cyborg.

Be sure to tune in midweek for the 200th edition of The Doctor Who Podcast – we have something really rather special for you…..

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