Today the DWP present the second epic quiz showdown that took place at the recent Gallifrey convention in Los Angeles.

In this mighty battle is the long awaited rematch between the DWP (championed byJames, Ian, Michele and ring in Luke from the Minute Doctor Who Podcast) and those lyrical funsters The Oodcast.

Keen listeners to the DWP might remember the previous Gallifrey quiz between these two podcast behemoths, and it didn’t go too well for the boys from the DWP…

What will happen this time?  Will the Oods be triumphant again?  Or will the DWP (and a ring in) wrestle back the title of quiz champions?

Hosted once again by friend of the show Andrew Smith (who stood in valiantly at the last minute in place of Ed Stradling), we will see who is victorious, and who headed off to the convention closing ceremony with their tails tucked firmly between their legs.

A big, big thank you goes out to Chip from the Two Minute Timelord Podcast for going above and beyond the call of duty to secure this particular recording of the quiz for us.

We all have our own guilty pleasures.  Whether it be that sneaky trip to the fridge at midnight to have chomp on that chocolate bar without having to share it or taking delight in sitting down to enjoy The Phantom Menace, engaging in activities we know would raise eyebrows from our peers makes our guilty pleasures all the more enjoyable!

Doctor Who is the same.  We all enjoy parts of the show that others frown upon. Our own little moments of joy in a show that might not necessarily be considered as such by other fans.

In this episode, Tom and Leeson discuss their own Who related guilty pleasures, along with Ian and Michele’s own secret loves from the shows history.

Tom and Leeson also find time to discuss what is happening currently in the world of Doctor Who.  With that in mind, for those that are sensitive to spoilers, it may be best to avoid the first 16 minutes of this episode.  The conversation is only slightly spoilerish – Tom and Leeson allude to facts already officially released and publicly available.  Neither rumoured plot points or unofficial news is discussed.


A very special quiz this time around from the Doctor Who Podcast.

We present today the first of two quizzes that our very own Campervan inhabitants took part in whilst enjoying the delights of the Gallifrey One convention in Los Angeles.

For this quiz Ian and James went up against the quizzing might of Josh and Steve from The Memory Cheats podcast.

Quiz master is friend of the show Andrew Smith, writer of the 80s story, Full Circle.

And hosting proceedings (which really just gives him an excuse to make some cheap shots at the contestants) is another dear friend of the show, Chip, host of the Two Minute Timelord podcast.

Two mighty teams, with thousands of kilometres of water between them, brought together to compete in the quizzing arena.  Exciting huh?

Thanks to Chip for making the audio recording of this mighty battle available to the DWP.

It’s another journey into the world of Big Finish – join Trevor, Leeson and Tom as they take a look at this Fifth Doctor, Turlough, Nyssa and Tegan trilogy released towards the end of 2012.  This eclectic collection of stories sees the TARDIS materialise in Calcutta, on a meteor and in Australia proving once again just how inventive the minds of those amazing bods at Big Finish really are.

But did the Campervan occupants like them?  Never a podcast to hold back, tune in to this latest edition of The Doctor Who Podcast to find out.  Howzat?!

In just a few days, the DWP Campervan will be packing up and preparing itself for dematerialisation.  The co-ordinates are set for Los Angeles where hoards of Doctor Who fans will be travelling to from all four corners of the globe to celebrate fifty years of the show we call Doctor Who at the annual Gallifrey One convention.

Sadly, some of the Campervan occupants will be absent – Trev, Leeson and Tom’s invites failed to show up at the correct space-time co-ordinates, and they are therefore destined to miss the campervan’s departure – in very a similar way that Tegan missed the TARDIS at the end of Timeflight. Will they end up in Amsterdam?  Let hope not.  For Amsterdam’s sake.

In the meantime, pull up a chair a listen to Chip from the highly acclaimed Two Minute Timelord podcast and Chris from The Oodcast as they chat toJames about their imminent travel plans, panels, podcast panels, cosplay – you name it, they chat about it.

This IS our preview of The 24 Hours of Gallifrey – and you are MOST welcome!

The last in our current series of Burning Issues here at the DWP – the thorny subject of “How Far Can Sacred Cows be Pushed?”  How much that we hold dear about our beloved program is open to reinterpretation, reimagining and redesign and how much about the history of the show do we need to consider when creating more of it?

In the Campervan alongsideJames and Trevor is a special guest to help get to the bottom of this complex issue – the host of A Mad Man with a Box Podcast, Stephen Prescott.