In a short break from our Burning Issues mini-series, James and Michele take a look at some of the recent Big Finish special releases and discuss the new adaption of Love and War and also take a look at the two Sixth Doctor, Jago and Litefoot stories, Voyage to Venus and Voyage to the New WorldJames also gets to chat to Bernard Holley who stars in Love and War. All that and a competition to boot!

James also caught up with Stephen and got an update on the exciting goings on at the upcoming Big Blue Box 2 convention.

This week is the second of our Burning Issues series – trying to provide answers and debate around some of the touchstones that have cropped up during a past Doctor Who Podcast.

Today we have been charged by ALMANAC (A Love and Monsters Appreciation nnnnddd Activity Club) to get to the bottom of an issue.  Love and Monsters, the first true Doctor-lite episode in the modern era of the program – is it comedy genius or not worthy of the logo?

Tasked to discuss this issue are Trevor, James and Michele.

As always, we want the listeners of The DWP to decide this stories fate. Get your thoughts in to“>

This week the first in our series of Burning Issues – unresolved questions posed on the Doctor Who Podcast in previous episodes that we hope to be able to provide answers for.

The first of these is in response to a statement Tom made on a previous DWP – that the classic series story Genesis of the Daleks should be “put in a box and buried”, further stating it was the worst story of the first twenty years of the program.

Such an assertion could not go unchallenged.  So we have put Tom on trial in this episode – he must answer for his most heinous crime.  The case for the defence and prosecution will be set, then it will be up to you, our wonderful listeners to decide on the verdict.  Let us know at“> just where Genesis of the Daleks should sit in the history of the show.

Welcome to another fun packed year of THE Doctor Who Podcast, the friendliest, most stylish, informative and most importantly totally FREE podcast out there!

It wouldn’t be a new year of THE Doctor Who Podcast without the hosts speculating on what will happen in the Doctor Who universe in 2013, the anniversary year for this amazing show.  Trev, James and Leeson offer up their suggestions for what will be going on this year, partly cause it is fun to guess, but mainly because we look forward to revisiting them again in a years time and see how badly we were wrong!

The team also go over the predictions from the beginning of 2012 and see how many of them came true.

Share your thoughts on what you think is a sure fire bet in 2013.“> is the place to send those musings.

We bring you a very special episode of the DWP this week –James spoke to DVD value-added-material producer, Mr Ed Stradling.  Ed is responsible for producing a ridiculously high number of extra features that have been included on Doctor Who DVDs, the first of which saw the likes of Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss talk about Earthshock all the way back in 2003!  Ed also talks about Ian Levene’s project to re-construct Planet of the Giants back into the four part-story originally conceived, the results of which appear on the DVD, and discusses rumours about missing stories being found.

So sit down with a  cuppa tea, put your feet up and listen toJames and Ed talk Doctor Who for half an hour!