The Mott is in the house! (campervan)

It is our great pleasure to bring you at The Doctor Who Podcast an interview with Wilfred Mott himself, Bernard Cribbins.James was lucky enough to speak to him recently.

Bernard’s time with Doctor Who stretches back as far as the second Dalek movie – Daleks’ Invasion Earth 2150AD, all the way up to his most memorable Who role as Wilfred Mott, grandfather and sometime comapnion to the David Tennant Doctor.

In the rest of the podcast, Tom and James geek out about companion mix ups. What if Adric was a companion to the 9th Doctor? How would Nyssa fare alongside the Matt Smith Doctor?

Gallifrey 22 is not far away, and the DWP team needs your help! Full details are in the show.

Just how wrong will they be in 2012?

We warm up our crystal balls and get our tarot cards ready – it’s the DWP predictions for 2011!

Trevor, James and Tom have come armed to the campervan with three predictions on what will occur in the Doctor Who world in 2011.

Save this episode for this time next year, when you can play it again and laugh at how wrong each of the team are!

With Trevor now firmly ensconced back in the campervan, it was time to take a dip into the mailbag and read out and listen to the feedback we have received concerning the latest Christmas special.

Our thanks to all the listeners that took the time to send in their thoughts.

Well, its certainly turning into a busy week at the DWP Campervan!

Trevor is back, and he has some things to say about the Christmas Special!

Stay tuned also later this week for an episode devoted to your feedback on the Christmas Special.

The first offering from the DWP Campervan for 2011 is the latest instalment in the mighty tussle that is the DWP Quiz.

Trevor, the perennial loser, is quizmaster again, relishing with gleeful delight his temporary power ofJames and Tom.

A titanic struggle of the wills not to be missed. Please note – this episode was recorded in late December 2010.