In what will be the DWPs last podcast for 2012, we go over the feedback which we have received from you regarding the 2012 Christmas special, The Snowmen.

Be warned, there are multiple kooky theories, time eddies and informed comments abound in this episode!

A big thanks from the whole DWP team for your support this year and we hope you have enjoyed the podcasts from us.  A bigger year for 2013 is planned, with more interviews, exclusives and special themed shows than ever before.  Have a great New Year and see you all in 2013, the anniversary year!

Now that you have celebrated Doctor Who, Christmas-style, let the DWP team of Trevor, James and Tom take you on another special journey.

The boys, full of Christmas food settle down to review the latest offering from the Doctor Who production team, the 2012 Christmas special, The Snowmen.

A special snowmen themed DWP feedback episode will be released next week, and you still have time to get in your audio feedback concerning the Christmas special!

We have been on a long journey in our look at the world of the 10th Doctor, but before we leave this era we have diverted up a little side street to take a look at some of the novels featuring the 10th Doctor and his various companions.  As well as an extensive television history to enjoy, the books provide further enjoyment for those looking for more adventures featuring this most human of Doctors.

Four books go under the microscope in this episode

Also Ian and Michele review the audio book The Last Voyage by Dan Abnett.

And our big thanks go to Steve from The Whostorian podcast and the assorted hordes from the Staggering Stories podcast for providing readings from our novels.

Last month, the assembled hordes of Doctor Who fans across the planet descended upon the United States third largest city, Chicago.  The DWP was represented in the form of our very own Michele who in additional to being on the podcasting panel, spoke to Messrs Richard Dinnick and Paul Spragg.  Richard has written extensively for Big Finish in both the written and audio formats whilst Paul, Big Finish employee-extraordinaire and serial crisp eater talks about Doctor Who on audio and the plans that Big Finish have for the future.

Join Tom and Michele as they bring you our coverage of the convention  which showcased none other than Sylvester McCoy and Sophie Aldred as headliners and a host of other Dr Who luminaries.



All good things must come to an end, and in this episode we say goodbye to David Tennant as the 10th Doctor and the DWPs look at his era of the show.

With only the specials of 2009/2010 left, the 10th Doctor somehow knows the end is near.  How will he cope with the impending prophecies?

LetJames, Leeson and Trevor take your hand and guide you to the end of arguably the most popular Doctor of the modern era.

Trev, Leeson and James forge on with our indepth 10th Doctor retrospective, looking over the era of the show dominated by actor David Tenant.

In this episode we look at Christmas specials, the year that was in 2008 and cast our eye forward to the inevitable end to this incarnation.


Join our very own roving reporterJames, Luke from The Minute Doctor Who Podcast and friend of the show and long-time DWP listener Tony as they talk about what they thought of Air Lock – episode 3 of the missing story, Galaxy 4.

The British Film Institute screened the restored episode as part of the Missing Belived Wiped event held on Sunday 2nd December 2012.   This was only the second time the episode has been shown in full to an audience in the UK and you can hear the joy asJames, Luke and Tony talk about what can justifiably be described as new Doctor Who, despite it being first transmitted on BBC1 forty-seven years ago!



2007 was a strange time for Doctor Who – now established as a regular piece of Saturday night telly for three months each year, what would the production team be able to come up with to prevent the interest of millions of viewers from waning? Large hybrid human/rhinos of course!   Join the DWP team for part two of their romp through the David Tennant years.  Series three is put under the microscope asJames, Trevor and Leeson sit down and talk about Martha, pocket-watches, Derek Jacobi and a certain deified Time Lord.

Make sure you join Leeson and Trevor for part three of our Tenth Doctorathon next week.