“It is the end, but the moment has been prepared… hang on… wrong Doctor…”

Part 3 of our Troughton retrospective brings us to the conclusion of our look at the mighty second Doctor.

In this episode, Tom and Trevor cover Troughton’s last regular season as the Doctor, and also the anniversary stories Three Doctors, Five Doctors and the Colin Baker team up Two Doctors.

We also talk about the depiction of the Troughton Doctor in books an audio.

Come join us for the conclusion to this incredible look at the second Doctor.

“When I say run, run!”

Last time, on the DWP….

Trevor and Tom began their look at the second Doctor, and got as far as the end of his first season. In this episode we move onto his second, and arguably most popular season to see what lies within.

We also hear fromJames, and Luke from theMinute Doctor Who Podcast with a review of the DVD release of the Troughton story, The Dominators.

ReadingJames’s post on his preparations for his podcast got me thinking about preparations I make (or more correctly, sometimes make) for our little recording sessions each Sunday morning (UK time).  So I thought a bit…

Hi. James here.

On discovering that I co-present a podcast, the friends and family who show any interest inevitably ask at some point, ‘well, just how long do you spend on this’?! My answer is usually quite brief and goes something like, ‘well Trev and Tom do all the editing, so not much’! And for the most part, that is absolutely true.

However, for DWP #39, Tom and I sent Trev on holiday and we got stuck into reviewing two of the most derided classic who stories of all time – Revenge of the Cyberman and Silver Nemesis. What we thought of the DVD set you can hear on the podcast, but what I wanted to talk about here was the preparation required for this, 45 minute podcast. Continue reading →

Oh my giddy aunt!

If there was a Doctor that many commentators said inspired Matt Smith in the creation of his Doctor’s persona, it was one Patrick Troughton, the second Doctor.

Trevor and Tom explore the era of this most brilliant of Doctors in the first part of our retrospective of his work before, during and after his time on Doctor Who.

In this first part, we look at his time before Doctor Who, and cover his first season in 1966.

Stay tuned, for later in the week we release the second part of our series on Patrick Troughton, the cosmic hobo.

or.. Doctor Who in an Exciting Adventure with some companions

Tom and James went on a works outing last week up to the wilds of Derbyshire to see what was going on at Whooverville 2, the convention that boasts being the only such event run in an engine shed. And they are right (we checked).

Tom was lucky enough to be the on-stage interviewer for second Doctor companion and all round screamer Deborah Watling. Deborah played Victoria Waterfield alongside the 2nd Doctor from 1967-1969. With the kind permission of the Whooverville bods we bring that interview to you in this episode.

The boys also managed to back Sophie Aldred (or Ace to her legions of fans) into a corner and ask her some questions. And to round off the day, Tom intimidated a Dalek.

The DWP Quiz – Number 2

What better way to continue on after Quiz No. 1 and move onto Quiz No. 2? The team had so much fun doing the first one, that we recorded another one.

In this quiz Trevor is the quizmaster for Tom and James.

Who will win? Who will shout rigged the most?