Earlier this week, the Whoniverse lost one of it’s ‘founder members’ as William Russell passed away. William played Ian Chesterton in the early of years of Doctor Who, from 1963 to 1965. Join Michele and James as they recount their memories of William in Doctor Who before handing over to Brent and Drew who interviewed him in person at a US convention in 2018. The interview first went out on the Who and Company podcast as part of their convention coverage, and it’s wonderful to hear William so relaxed in his conversation.

Rest in Peace William, and thank you for the unforgettable memories. Neither you or your contribution to Doctor Who will be forgotten. We are Most Grateful.

Jump on board the Campervan for the final DWP before the new series! James and Phil talk about their hopes, dreams and fears just a few days ahead of Space Babies and The Devil’s Chord transmission.

We hope to be back online with our review of both episodes on the morning of 12th May (UK time) – that’s before it airs on BBC1, so you have been warned!!

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Enjoy the show – and see you on the other side of Space Babies and The Devil’s Chord!

Join Ian, James, Phil and Scott live from the South Bank of the Thames shortly after the premier of the soon-to-be-released animated version of The Celestial Toymaker!

Enjoy the show.

Another special episode of the DWP?! Well, why not?! Join James and Ian on the South Bank of the Thames, shortly after this afternoon’s screening of Horror of Fang Rock at the BFI to celebrate the upcoming release of Season 15 on Blu-Ray.

You remain of course, Most Welcome!

It’s that time of year once again when the ol’ DWP Campervan occupies the same time/spacial coordinates as the snazzy new Who & Companymobile. Join Drew and Brent as they invite Michele and James into their more sedate world of Doctor Who fandom where companionship and camaraderie are celebrated!

As is usual for January, the team take a look at the most recent animation of a missing story. This year, The Underwater Menace is put under the microscope.

So sit back and enjoy an hour of irreverent banter as the four amigos fire up the blu-ray player and watch hi-jinks of the highest order in Atlantis!

Enjoy the show.

It’s the first Special DWP of 2024!

Catch up with James, Phil and Adam from the wonderful Staggering Stories podcast at The Riverside Studios in Hammersmith London, shortly after the Doctor Who Appreciation Society’s screening of An Adventure in Space and Time and The Final Test – Episode 4 of The Celestial Toymaker!

Enjoy the show.

Surprise Number 2 of the day! You are MOST Welcome. 🙂

Join Brent and Drew as they review this year’s Children in Need Doctor short, featuring David Tennant as the 14th Doctor.

That really is it for today! Jump on board the campervan once again shortly after the Star Beast airs on BBC1 this coming Saturday!

Enjoy the show.

It’s Doctor Who Day! Happy 60th Anniversary! Just before we get ready for The Star Beast, Drew, Michele and James bring you a special edition of The Doctor Who Podcast. Dig out your VHS, DVD, digital copy of An Unearthly Child, press play when the Campervan does and enjoy the episode with us!

Enjoy the show!

Join Phil and and his son Scott for a special episode of the DWP! Join them in the campervan as they talk about The Underwater Menace, the latest “missing” story to be animated. The chaps were lucky enough to catch the advance screening at the British Film Institute this weekend.