This week it is our great pleasure to bring you an interview with a man you may be familiar with. He holds the record as the longest serving editor of Doctor Who Magazine. He has written for Big Finish, The Sarah Jane Smith Adventures and Comic Relief. When he isn’t writing, he is contributing covers to the Big Finish audio range, or the 2Entertain range of DVDs. In his spare time he moderates the DVD commentaries on such releases as The Time Meddler and Frontier in Space.

He found time in his diary to speak toJames on an incredible variety of subjects, presented here in an hour long interview.

This is the last episode of the Doctor Who Podcast for the next two weeks or so. Trevor and James will be in Los Angeles this week at the Gallifrey 22 convention. As well as meeting each other face to face for the first time, they hope to secure interviews for you with the guests.

For those going to the convention, come up and say hi and get a Doctor Who Podcast ribbon (today at the convention, tomorrow on eBay!).

“I must know what happens when The Doctor Who Podcast touches human flesh”

When we are not recording the latest amazing episode of The Doctor Who Podcast, the titanic trio are on the DWP forums marvelling at a thread that has grown, Krynoid like, since Matt Smith took over the reigns as the Doctor.

The thread in question is the Who is River Song thread. In this magic part of the forum, our members have been wondering, discussing and disecting various theories, information and flights of fancy over who the character of River Song really is.

We thought it was time the podcast weighed in our ideas as well as discussing the ideas already present.

To round off the episode, James and Trevor review the DVD release for a classic Tom Baker story, The Seeds of Doom.

Keep those questions for the Gallifrey convention quiz showdown, details of who to send them to are in this episode.