Meet the Hosts of The Doctor Who Podcast Series 2


James is a long term Doctor Who fan and a co-founder of the DWP all those years ago.  He grew up with the show in the early eighties with Tom Baker becoming ‘his Doctor’ but really found his passion for all things Doctor Who ignited during the ‘wilderness years’ of the nineties.

He is a huge fan of the Virgin New Adventure novels (despite not having read one for years) and is an avid follower of the Big Finish audio releases.

Outside of Doctor Who, James fronted the Dad’s Army podcast – a homage to the classic British television sit-com and watches pretty much (and too much) of any genre of film or television.


Phil has been a Doctor Who fan since the age of 3 where his first memory of the show was Jon Pertwee in The Green Death. He would also sit rapt with attention as Father told him all about William Hartnell and Patrick Troughton and through this, he gained knowledge of the word “Chumblie”.

As a child, Phil would also be found in his local library borrowing any Target novelisation that he could get his little hands on.

Phil’s passion for Doctor Who escalated to a new level in 2005 with the relaunch of the show and in 2011 he launched the Who’s He? Podcast with his two best friends and is now also playing catch up with the huge back catalogue from Big Finish.

His favourite Doctor is Jon Pertwee and is jealous that he cannot carry off the same velvet jacket and frilly shirt combo with the same level of panache.

Phil’s other passion is Minis and has even managed to make the world’s of Doctor Who and Minis collide when he dressed his Mini up as a Dalek.


Michele grew up in the heart of “Silicon Valley” in California, where she discovered Doctor Who on PBS in the 1980s. Despite the fact that Horns of Nimon was her first episode, she was instantly hooked, and was thoroughly surprised when the fourth Doctor fell to his death to be replaced by a new actor a short time later.

She participated in conventions in the 80s, but drifted away from the show during the wilderness years. To her delight she stumbled upon the new series just as Rose was debuting.

She soon discovered Big Finish audios and has been an avid follower of several of their ranges for the last few years.

When she isn’t immersed in the worlds of Doctor Who, she can be found hiking, camping, playing cello, and attending the theatre. She is a particular fan of Shakespeare and has seen his entire canon – including making a special trip to see David Tennant’s performance as Hamlet in Stratford.


Ian’s earliest memories of Who are of being terrified as a small boy by Kroll and the Pirate Captain’s robot parrot, much to his embarrassment in later life.

He became a proper fan after an Aunt purchased him the Target novelisation of ‘Dr Who and the Daleks’, which began a lifelong mission to buy all the classic Target books.

Ian has watched the show religiously since the Davison era, and has introduced his teenage sons to the show in its new incarnation but had less success with the classic episodes.

Outside of Doctor Who, Ian work in IT, plays the drums and also is a general Sci-Fi fan, watching more or less any old rubbish which has a robot or spaceship in it.


Somewhere on Planet Earth in the early 1980s, a schoolboy named Brent had been warned of a strange man in a trenchcoat and scarf with a lovely friend who travelled through space and time with Harry on the local PBS station. Then they ran into a disfigured chap in a wheelchair and his band of loud rolling metal things called Daleks. It was, in fact, their Genesis. After being thoroughly shocked at seeing his first regeneration, he became a huge fan.

The rest as they say….is history. And present. And future! Brent presents the highly successful Doctor Who: Who & Company podcast with Drew, plays guitar and travelled across the Atlantic Ocean just to see Pearl Mackie in a play.


Drew is a children’s librarian who moonlights as a podcaster and game designer. His first Doctor Who episode was issue 57 of Marvel Premiere. Since no one explained regeneration to him, he gave up after they replaced the Fourth Doctor. His first TV episode was the Doctor Who movie in 1996. He may or may not have a beard.