Join Michele, Tom and Stephen as they talk about the role of the all-powerful Showrunner – and toss some names of potential candidates in the air in terms of whom might succeed Steven Moffat when the time comes.

Ian and Michele continue their voyage through season two of the Eight Doctor and Charley Big Finish plays and take a look at Seasons of Fear and Embrace the Darkness.

We’ll be back next week with Episode 250!  And we’ve a little surprise for you in store….

Enjoy the show.

Happy New Year everyone! And what better way is there to start the New Year off than looking back at one of 2013’s most popular and successful series of Doctor Who events?!

Lat year, the British Film Institute organised the wonderful Doctor Who at 50  – eleven monthly events, each of which celebrated a different era of the show.  At least one full story was screened at each event and then a panel was held with Doctor Who alumni from each era.  The events attracted Doctor Who stars from across the ages – from Tom Baker to David Tennant to Donald Tosh, the BFI was the place to celebrate Who in 2013.

In this episode, James talks to Justin Johnson and Dick Fiddy from the BFI – the co-curators and organisers of the Doctor Who at 50 events and discuss nearly getting Christopher Eccleston, the ticketing decisions and basically how much they love Doctor Who!

Tune in for Episode 242 in a couple of weeks’ time – be warned: it’s our predictions show!

In a bonus edition of The Doctor Who Podcast, we bring you the first in a mini-series of interviews with writers who have become synonymous with Doctor Who fiction, either through writing books, Big Finish audios or extensive articles for Doctor Who Magazine – or in many cases, all three!

First up, it’s Jonathon Morris who takes time out from his appearance at Big Finish Day 3 to speak to us. Jonny’s back catalogue of Doctor Who output is vast – and is still growing.  He’s the author of over 40 Big Finish audio plays and four original Doctor Who novels for the BBC. Check out his blog – it makes facinating reading.

In this interview he talks to Tony and Laura, our intrepid roving reporters at about writing, missing episodes and how it feels to put words into the mouths of actors we became familiar with by watching them on the telly all those years ago.

Many thanks to both Big Finish Productions and to 10th Planet Events for allowing us to cover the event. Enjoy the show!

There will be tears, there will be laughter, there will be gnashing of teeth and cries of desperation.  All in all, a pretty standard day in the DWP Campervan when we get Leeson to attempt the washing up.

While he clatters away chipping crockery and breaking glasses we attempted to record an episode of the DWP – the results of which you can enjoy here today.  Or tomorrow, if you are busy today.  By this weekend at the very latest, ok?

They’ve finally managed to do it. After years of trying,  Ian and Michele have finally broken out of  the Campervan annex and have ‘peacefully occupied’ the Executive Recording Lounge! The reason for this incursion however is valid as they’ve found a Dalek to interview. And this is no ordinary Dalek either – it’s none other than Barnaby Edwards who has been operating various Skarosians for nigh-on twenty years.  And if that wasn’t enough, Ian and Michele review The Spectre of Lanyon Moor, an early Big Finish play starring Barnaby and written by fellow Dalek operator, Nicholas Pegg.

The interview was recorded at Big Finish Day 3 – thanks again to Big Finish and 10th Planet Events and of course to both Tony Whitmore and Laura Cowen.

Join James and Trev next week as they discuss….well, that would be telling wouldn’t it?!


Two hundred!  Two hundred episodes of THE Doctor Who podcast!  One hundred and ninety-nine episodes since that review of The Eleventh Hour all the way back in 2010! Woo-hoo!

How then, should we celebrate such a landmark? What would be appropriate?!  Hmmm.  We at The DWP thought long and hard on this.  There could be so many ways to celebrate this historic occasion and say thank you to our devoted listeners.  We came up with a couple of ideas:

  • humming the Doctor Who theme for five straight hours
  • reviewing Delta and the Bannermen and Unicorn and the Wasp whilst inhaling helium
  • perform an entire podcast in morse code
  • doing a commentary track for Planet of the Dead.

We rejected these plainly insane ideas, and after much discussion finally made a decision.  How about a never-before-heard interview with an iconic Who writer who sadly is no longer with us?  A writer who assisted in giving us War Lords, Draconians, Silurians and Sea Devils?!  Yes.  Yes indeed.   That might be just the way to go!

It is therefore with immense pride that The Doctor Who Podcast presents an interview with none other than Mr Malcolm Hulke!

But why stop there?! Mac, as he preferred to be called struck up a collaborative writing relationship with a man who also went on to become a Who legend in his own right.  Why not interview him too and ask him about his memories of Mac?  We therefore also bring you a brand new interview with Mr Terrance Dicks!

So, sit back and enjoy an hour in the company of Messrs Dicks and Hulke as they talk about the show they help immortalise, all in one juicy, celebratory edition of The Doctor Who Podcast.

Happy 200 everyone.  You may now provide cake.

This is the concluding episode of the DWPs look at the longest serving Doctor Who producer, John Nathan-Turner.

Trevor and James take up where Tom and Leeson left off last week and talk about the work of JNT during the eras of the 6th and 7th Doctors.

Michele and Ian also provide the second half of their review of the John Nathan-Turner memoirs.

As everyone comes down off their post-Gallifrey 23 buzz, the team at The Doctor Who Podcast embarks on a mini project – over the next two episodes we will be looking at the era of John Nathan-Turner, the longest serving producer of Doctor Who, and a figure that has been the subject of equal parts derision and praise ever since he took on the role in the early 1980s.

In this episode Leeson and Tom look at how John Nathan-Turner came to take on the role of Producer, and his time on the show up to the end of the Peter Davison era.

Ian and Michele also review the first half of the JNT Memoirs, a release from Big Finish (sadly no longer available) where John Nathan-Turner shares his candid memories of his time on the show.

You are most welcome to the latest episode of the Doctor Who Podcast.

Within this jam-packed podcast you will find an interview with writer Nev Fountain, he of Big Finish, Dead Ringers and Mervyn Stone Mysteries fame.  Trevor had a chat with him about all things comedy, Doctor Who and sofas.

Michele and Ian review the Big Finish Companion Chronicle, Peri and the Piscon Paradox.

We read through your feedback for the 2011 Christmas special.

All this, and a major announcement that will shake the DWP to its very foundations.  A little.

A special episode from the Doctor Who Podcast this week to share the fantastic news that has just broken.

Two episodes from classic Doctor Who have been discovered and returned by the BBC Archives.

Galaxy Four, episode 3, part of William Hartnell’s third season, has been returned along with the second episode of a Patrick Troughton story, The Underwater Menace.

Trevor and James talk about these discoveries and the background to how they were returned.