It’s here! Join James, Phil and Ian as the Campervan finally pulls into a service station to talk about the season finalé, Empire of Death. Be warned – James’ notes are longer than the M4! Do Phil and Ian last the distance? Tune in to find out in the longest DWP in a very long time! So kick back, pull up a comfy chair, grab your beverage of choice and join us for an hour in the campervan.

We will be back! Episode 381 will be our series wrap-up and listener feedback episode – we have already received *loads* of feedback including some lovely audio messages – however you still have a chance to have your say by sending it to us Any format will do, but keep it under two minutes in duration.

You can also send us your highly-thought out written feedback using the same email address, Tweeting us or joining un on our Facebook Page or Group.

Enjoy the show!

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