Whooverville 3 recently took place on Saturday 3rd September 2011 and The Doctor Who Podcast was there!

As where a lot of other podcasts, as part of the Doctor Who Podcast Alliance representation at the event.

OurJames, along with Michael from the Tin Dog Podcast and Luke from the Minute Doctor Who Podcast were lucky enough to interview 80s Who Girl herself, Nicola Bryant.

Enjoy this very interesting interview with the Doctor Who companion who travelled alongside not one, but two Doctors.


A quick glance at the Wikipedia entry for Joe Lidster will show that he knows his Doctor Who and related spinoffs.

He has written for Big Finish, Torchwood and Sarah Jane Adventures, as well as the Bernice Summerfield ranges. When he isn’t writing for them he is producing short stories on, you guessed it, Doctor Who.

This incredibly talented and busy man sat down with ourJames recently to talk all things Doctor Who.

I am sure you will find this a fascinating interview.

The exclusives just keep coming at The Doctor Who Podcast – this week we are proud to present to you an interview out Tom had with former Doctor Who script editor, Andrew Cartmel.

We also have an exclusive track from the new album by Alex Day, Still Got Legs. You might remember we interviewed Alex in Episode #38. He is back with a new album of wonderful Doctor Who parody songs. We hope you enjoy the taster we present in this episode for you.

Quite a packed episode this week, a mixture of reviews and some cracking interviews, bringing to a close the second of our special Big Finish related episodes.

James and Trevor review the first two stories from Big Finish’s range of 7th Doctor “lost” stories – Thin Ice and Crime of the Century. These two stories were to kickstart the proposed Season 27 in 1990, before the axe of cancellation fell on the series and the entire season was abandoned.

Now Big Finish have lovingly created these scripts in audio format so all Doctor Who fans can hear what might have been if Doctor Who continued in its televised form into the 1990s.

Find out what the boys make of the first two offerings from this very special series of releases from Big Finish.

We also have interviews with Sophie Aldred, who played Ace alongside the Seventh Doctor, and also in these new Big Finish audios. Also on the interviewing roster is Beth Chalmers, who plays the new companion Raine Creevey.

Quite a packed little episode this week, the first of two over the coming weeks that focus on Big Finish.

James is alone in the campervan this episode where he reviews one of the latest trilogies from Big Finish, The Crimes of Thomas Brewster, The Feast of Axos and Industrial Revolution.

Also included in this episode are interviews with Mr Axon himself, Bernard Holley and Big Finish writer Johnny Morris.

It is not often we can bring you something this exciting and exclusive on The Doctor Who Podcast. This episode though is very special as we interview what was possibly the youngest writer ever to write for classic Who – Mr Andrew Smith.

At the tender age of 17, Andrew had his story, Full Circle commissioned and turned into the story we know and love today.

James had the opportunity to speak with him recently about his experiences writing for Doctor Who.

James was lucky enough to speak with Tom Spilsbury, current editor of Doctor Who Magazine recently.

James covered Tom’s time with the magazine, and also discusses the recent controversy of spoilergate which has rocketed through the Doctor Who online community.

Join James in what is a fascinating chat with the man who holds the reigns of what many regard as the bible of Doctor Who information.

There is also a competition in which you can win a very special prize indeed!

The Big Finish Machine keeps on rolling…..and so does The Doctor Who podcast! Join James and Tom as they take a look at the recent 7th Doctor, Ace and Hex trilogy, Project Destiny, A Death in the Family and Lurkers at Sunlights Edge. James also interviews Steven Hall, the writer A Death in the Family – the most talked about Big Finish play in recent years. We also launch yet another competition with a rather nifty little prize and go through some of the oodles of feedback all you nice listeners have been sending in.

Let us know what you think of the episode by getting in touch with us at feedback@thedoctorwhopodcast.com – and be sure to join us next week for our Season Six preview!

Well, The Aztecs stand even today as one of the most shining examples of Doctor Who. It is a story that fulfils Doctor Who’s original mandate to educate, whilst at the same time it entertains.

This story has always been a firm favourite of the DWP, and we devote our episode to talking about it. We also have an interview with one of the cast from, Ian Cullen, who played Ixta.

We like talking about Big Finish audios here in the DWP Campervan – over the years they have produced some fantastic stories, featuring the vocal talents of the 5th-8th Doctors.

We thought it was about time to talk about Big Finish themselves. How have they fared since there beginnings during the Doctor Who “wilderness” years in 1999, through to their triumphant releases today.

What do Big Finish do well, what can they do better, and what do we want more of. A lively discussion indeed on a company that has truly carried the flag for Doctor Who for nearly 12 years.

To cap the show off, Tom was lucky enough to interview David Richardson, line producer on the Big Finish range. Tom talked to him about his work for Big Finish.