Trev, James, Tom and Leeson have a bit of a geekout this week about the effect of social media on Doctor Who, and the way we consume our favourite show.

With the explosion over the last decade of sites like Facebook and Twitter, the way Doctor Who fans get their news and talk about the show has changed dramatically.

With this change many benefits have occurred, but also there is a downside.

The boys discuss this issue and try and get to the bottom of the question “Is social media good for Doctor Who?”

As the title of this release suggests, quite a busy and eclectic week at the Doctor Who campervan.

First up is our look at Power of the Daleks – Reimagined, the fan film that sets to bring to life one of the classic and beloved stories from the Patrick Troughton era of Doctor Who.

We have an interview with the man who plays the Doctor, Nick Scovell, and producer/DOP/tea maker Rob Thrush.

We review Power of the Daleks – Reimagined to see how it stacks up against the story that inspired it.  Ian and Michele also had a listen to an audio recording of the original 60s story and share their thoughts.

We also have an interview with Graeme Burk, one of the two authors of a marvellous Doctor Who reference book called Who is the Doctor.

Ian and Michele are back again to round off the episode with their review of the Big Finish audio The Catalyst.

The Doctor Who Podcast turns its steely gaze towards the Big Finish Towers this week as we look at the latest trilogy of Big Finish audios featuring the 8th Doctor, Paul McGann.

The Silver Turk, The Witch from the Well and Army of Death fall under the watchful eye ofJames, Tom and Ian.

Just Trevor and James to keep you entertained this episode as we again delve into the mailbag and see what delights lay within.

We also have a chat about Barry, the star of a recent episode of Get Your House In Order, a series where experts try and declutter peoples lives and help them with their hoarding tendencies. Barry has Doctor Who stuff, a lot of Doctor Who stuff. Trevor and James talk about how successful the shows attempts were to help him with his overwhelming collection.

Our love affair with Tom Baker and Big Finish continues with Leeson, Trevor and James reviewing the latest batch of Fourth Doctor and Leela adventures.

Renaissance Man, Wrath of the Iceni and Energy of the Daleks are popped into the tape deck for a listen. What will the verdict be?

The DWP Campervan goes literary this week and is awash with a myriad of titles based on the adventures of the 9th Doctor, Christopher Eccleston and his various TARDIS crew.

The four novels we are reviewing, forming our look at the 9th Doctor book range are

Ian and Michele also get into the book reading fun and review Only Human by Gareth Roberts.

We also review a book from the mighty pen of John Barrowman and his sister CaroleThe Hollow Earth. You also have the chance to win your very own copy of this book.

We were also very lucky to coax some of our fellow podcasters and dear friends of the show to provide some readings of the books being reviewed.  Our thanks to Laura from the Oodcast, Chip from the 2Minute Timelord, Erik from the Doctor Who Book Club Podcast, Michele from the DWP and her son Ken!  Thank you all!