Ladies and Gentlemen, we have great pleasure in bringing you an exclusive, never heard before interview with none other than The Master himself, Mr Anthony Ainley.  The interview was recorded by friend of the show Martin Spellacey in 1981 whilst he was being driven across London by Anthony on his way back from a Doctor Who Convention.

Anthony is relaxed and playful as he candidly discusses Doctor Who and his role in it, Tom Baker, Sarah Sutton, Doctor Who Monthly, cricket and girls.  He even breaks into song on a couple of occassions…..!   Sit back and enjoy time-travel in action.  Anthony Ainley speaking to you from across the ages, thirty years ago – it’s a joy to behold.

Thanks go to Martin from Bristol Community Radio who recorded the interview all those years ago and got in touch with us.

The except from the song ‘The Mind of  Evil’ is performed by Billy Davies and used with his kind permission.  Leeson Fischer and Harry Medium come with their own health warning that is not possible to emphasise enough using mere words.

Thanks also to the myriad of Doctor Who Podcasters to feature on this episode of the DWP!


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