It’s a Sixth Doctor Special! Join Ian, Brent and Phil as they travel back to the 1980s to discuss two much maligned stories from Colin Baker’s era. Have they stood the test of time?! Tune in to find out – shortly after Phil has his say about David Tennant’s return to Doctor Who.

James and Michele take the opportunity to revisit an absolute classic Sixth Doctor story from Big Finish‘s back catalogue and discuss Jubilee. Hard to believe the story is approaching it’s own twentieth anniversary.

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Hello all you wonderful listeners!

With the imminent return (well, in six months time of Ace to Doctor Who, James and Drew follow the Yellow Brick Road where we first met Dorothy McShane in 1987 – and Dragonfire! Has it stood the test of time?

Before we find out, the guys take advantage of recording together for the first time in ages and basically, yabber about Doctor Who for 15 mins. Sanity is then restored in the form of Ian who presents the finale of our Nine Lives series. Looking back as Series 1 has been quite a journey and it’s not without a tear that James and Ian review The Parting of The Ways.

Join us shortly for Episode 343 – if the (totally baseless) rumours are to be believed, we may have some rather exciting casting news to discuss! If we don’t, then we’ll have a in-depth critical analysis of Delta of the Bannerman instead. You are of course, Most Welcome.

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Ahoy there! Join Phil, Ian and James for their instant reaction after watching Jodie Whittaker’s penultimate story, Legend of the Sea Devils.

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Given the imminent broadcast of Legend of The Sea Devils, the campervan has gone all aquatic! Probably better for everyone we focus on the reptilian aspect of the episode rather than talking like pirates for 50 minutes!

So, Brent, Michele and Ian preview the upcoming Easter special (Jodie Whitaker’s penultimate outing as the Doctor) and then dial back to the Sea Devils’ debut and review… The Sea Devils! A classic classic story you might say.

We’ll be back shortly after Legend airs on Easter Sunday with our immediate reaction, then again a little later in the week with a more considered view.

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Join Phil, Scott, Drew, Michele and Brent as they take the campervan for a final spin around this year’s festive special, Even of the Daleks.

We will be joining forces once again with Who and Company later this month – and we’ll be back with our predictions for 2022, so lots of DWP goodness to look forward to in January!

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Happy New Year! Join James, Ian and Phil as they review the latest brand new episode of Doctor Who, Eve of the Daleks.

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Join us in the campervan as we conclude our coverage of Doctor Who: Flux and get ready for the the beginning of the end of the 13th Doctor’s era! Michele, Brent, Ian and James take you through their final Flux thoughts (for now)!

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Join Michele, Phil and James as they rummage though the DWP virtual mailbag and discuss you thoughts about Flux. What was your favourite episode? Which cliffhanger left you dangling the most?! And above all, did you think Mr Chibnall stuck the landing?! Tune in to find out!

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Join us in a a week or so for our final episode where in which we will conclude our coverage of Flux. Time to put in in the past (or IS it?!) and focus on the upcoming special episode due to broadcast on New Year’s Day, Eve of the Daleks!

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Join the DWP Team for our final (for now) midweek episode as Leeson, Drew, Michele, Brent, Ian, Phil and Scott deliver their verdict on the last new episode of Doctor Who we will see on our tellyboxes this year, The Vanquishers.

Was the landing stuck? Tune in to find out what we thought!

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That’s it! Flux has Fluxxed it’s final Flux and that’s it for new Doctor Who for 2021. Or until New Year’s Day, in less than a month! Join James and Phil as they bring you their immediate thoughts on the episode.

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