It is not often we can bring you something this exciting and exclusive on The Doctor Who Podcast. This episode though is very special as we interview what was possibly the youngest writer ever to write for classic Who – Mr Andrew Smith.

At the tender age of 17, Andrew had his story, Full Circle commissioned and turned into the story we know and love today.

James had the opportunity to speak with him recently about his experiences writing for Doctor Who.

So it’s time to see what the fans thought of the latest two offerings from Series 6 – Curse of the Black Spot and The Doctor’s Wife. But it was a task that was too difficult for the DWP to tackle soJames got together with Steven from the Radio Free Skaro podcast to see if they could work it out.

As well as the usual scintilating banter about ratings and AI levels, we listen to and read out your feedback as well! Get stuck in!

Roll up roll up, what is my bid for this lovely bit of merchandise? The Doctor’s wife – only 52.7 trillion miles on her, and doesn’t she look good? Looks like she just stepped out of the showroom!

See over there, the Doctor Who Podcast review team ready to cast their appraisal over this fine offering today! Have a listen to what they have to say, then come back and place a bid for this once in a lifetime opportunity!

James was lucky enough to speak with Tom Spilsbury, current editor of Doctor Who Magazine recently.

James covered Tom’s time with the magazine, and also discusses the recent controversy of spoilergate which has rocketed through the Doctor Who online community.

Join James in what is a fascinating chat with the man who holds the reigns of what many regard as the bible of Doctor Who information.

There is also a competition in which you can win a very special prize indeed!

Sponsored by Jacktar Rum, presumably… nobody is going to get that reference, nobody…

Season 6 keeps barrelling along and with a yo ho ho we come to the third episode – Curse of the Black Spot. Trevor, James and Tom discuss the merits and otherwise of this story.

We also play some feedback we have already received about this very episode!

I know what I think, but what do you think?

It is all very well and good for the fine folk in the DWP Campervan to rabbit on about the episodes, but what do you out there think? Trevor has the campervan all to his own this episode and covers the fan reaction to the first two episodes of the season.

And something a little different this episode we eavesdrop on a few fellow podcasters shows to find out what they thought of the episodes as well. So, if you like what you hear, please check out these fine shows – Two-Minute Time Lord, DWO WhoCast, Radio Free Skaro and The Oodcast. Well worth your time for a download and listen.

In this episode we read out and listen to the amazing amount of feedback we have received from you over the past few weeks – keep it coming everyone!