As everyone comes down off their post-Gallifrey 23 buzz, the team at The Doctor Who Podcast embarks on a mini project – over the next two episodes we will be looking at the era of John Nathan-Turner, the longest serving producer of Doctor Who, and a figure that has been the subject of equal parts derision and praise ever since he took on the role in the early 1980s.

In this episode Leeson and Tom look at how John Nathan-Turner came to take on the role of Producer, and his time on the show up to the end of the Peter Davison era.

Ian and Michele also review the first half of the JNT Memoirs, a release from Big Finish (sadly no longer available) where John Nathan-Turner shares his candid memories of his time on the show.

This episode brings us to the conclusion of our week long preview and review of the behemoth that is the Gallifrey convention.

In this episode Trevor shares his memories of attending Gallifrey 22.

To those going to Gallifrey 23, enjoy, have a great time and don’t forget to let The Doctor Who Podcast“>know about your experiences.

If yesterday’s episode wasn’t enough to whet your appetite for the upcoming Gallifrey 23 convention, starting today for the next three days Michele, Trevor and James share their personal memories of attending Gallifrey 21 in 2010 and Gallifrey 22 in 2011.

Not so much reviews, more a trip down memory lane as they try and capture in audio their feelings and experiences attending the convention.

First up is James, who talks about his time at Gallifrey 21 and 22.

Self indulgent?  Yes.  Personal?  Yes again.  Guilty as charged.


Trevor is joined by Michele and special guest Chip from the 2 Minute Timelord Podcast to preview the goings on at the biggest Doctor Who convention in the world, Gallifrey 23.

With over 1800 attendees already confirmed for this event, it promises to be an exciting weekend for Doctor Who fans.

The team go over the schedule and pick out their highlights.

Trevor, James and Tom congregate in the DWP campervan and discuss the vexing question of – Is Moffat delivering?

Two years of Doctor Who under the reign of Steven Moffat has brought us some of the most interesting stories in modern Doctor Who.

With that under his belt and the 50th anniversary season looming, the boys take a look at his time to answer this ultimate question.

Very exciting week here at the DWP Campervan as Trevor, Leeson and Ian kick back and review the new releases from the Big Finish range, Doctor Who audios featuring he of the long scarf and bags of confectionary, the fourth Doctor Tom Baker.

We have waited a very long time for Mr Baker to appear in a Big Finish audio.  Just how did he fare?

The lost stories Foe from the Future and Valley of Death are reviewed, along with the first story from the regular season of new fourth Doctor adventures, Destination Nerva.