As is customary at the DWP before we launch into a new series of Doctor Who, we have a look at the information we know so far about the upcoming stories and see if we can figure out what they are about.

The investigation team of Trevor, James and Ian have scoured the internet, looked under the floorboards and tried a sneaky mind-meld with Stephen Moffat to bring you the good oil on Series 7B.

As we are discussing spoilers about unaired stories, if you are sensitive to these sorts of things, this probably isn’t the episode for you.  We do not talk about anything that isn’t already publically available.

Ian and Michele also have a chat about Life Without the Ponds – we are entering an era of the show that does not have our second favourite married couple as part of the TARDIS crew.  Will the show survive?

We return to the deep bountiful well of Big Finish in this episode, with Michele and Trevor reviewing one of the latest trilogies from Big Finish.  Sylvester McCoy as the 7th Doctor takes centre stage in the audios Protect & Survive, Black & White and Gods & Monsters.

We also feature the second part of our Seventh Heaven series, in which Stephen Elsden continues his journey through the previously unseen era of the 7th Doctor.

James and Ian were lucky enough to attend the recent Big Blue Box convention at the Trinity Theatre in Tunbridge Wells. Attending were a whole galaxy of Doctor Who stars, including:

In this episode we bring you some short interviews James and Ian were lucky enough to record with the above gentlemen and talk Doctor Who (naturally!). Two more longer panel are to yet to come, so keep an ear open for them on upcoming podcasts!

A big thank you to Stephen Elsden for organising this amazing convention in aid of Compaid and also affording The Doctor Who Podcast access to the guests and facilities on the day.

Its been ages since we have talked just news, news and more news on the Doctor Who Podcast.  In this jam packed episode we talk about the latest news in the Doctor Who universe.

In this episode James and Trevor talk news.  And more news.  And then once they have talked about that, they talk about some more news.

Also James has a chat to Stephen Elsden, organiser of Big Blue Box 2, who for some reason has never viewed a single 7th Doctor story. James is on a mission to set that right, and you can listen to the first instalment of his quest in this episode.

The DWP campervan and its inhabitants return with another amazing Doctor Who Podcast Quiz showdown!

In this instalment, Ian, Trevor and Leeson are subject to the baffling questions ofJames.

Note that this quiz was recorded before the lads embarked on their trip across the pond to the Gallifrey convention.

This week on the Doctor Who Podcast Trevor, James, Ian and Leeson throw out the schedule, give scant regard to planning, and laugh in the face of anything close to a script.

Yes, it’s another of our internationally renowned Geek Outs!

A diverse array of topics are discussed, ranging from animation, Doctor Who trolls and Mindwarp.

Join the boys as they throw caution and common sense to the wind.

James, Ian and Michele were lucky enough to attend the Gallifrey convention in Los Angeles this year, and now that they have returned to their respective parts of the world they come together again in the Campervan to discuss what they thought of the 24th Gallifrey convention.

Ian and Michele also review the final two stories in the Big Finish Counter Measures box set.