Ladies and Gentlemen, The Doctor Who Podcast is proud to present – this year’s Christmas Quiz!! Yes, it’s that time of year when we all torment each other and find out just how little we actually know about Doctor Who.

So sit back, have a cup of tea and enjoy hearing Stephen, Tom and Leeson squirm under the barrage of brain-teasers James thoroughly enjoys throwing at them!

The DWP campervan and its inhabitants return with another amazing Doctor Who Podcast Quiz showdown!

In this instalment, Ian, Trevor and Leeson are subject to the baffling questions ofJames.

Note that this quiz was recorded before the lads embarked on their trip across the pond to the Gallifrey convention.

Today the DWP present the second epic quiz showdown that took place at the recent Gallifrey convention in Los Angeles.

In this mighty battle is the long awaited rematch between the DWP (championed byJames, Ian, Michele and ring in Luke from the Minute Doctor Who Podcast) and those lyrical funsters The Oodcast.

Keen listeners to the DWP might remember the previous Gallifrey quiz between these two podcast behemoths, and it didn’t go too well for the boys from the DWP…

What will happen this time?  Will the Oods be triumphant again?  Or will the DWP (and a ring in) wrestle back the title of quiz champions?

Hosted once again by friend of the show Andrew Smith (who stood in valiantly at the last minute in place of Ed Stradling), we will see who is victorious, and who headed off to the convention closing ceremony with their tails tucked firmly between their legs.

A big, big thank you goes out to Chip from the Two Minute Timelord Podcast for going above and beyond the call of duty to secure this particular recording of the quiz for us.

A very special quiz this time around from the Doctor Who Podcast.

We present today the first of two quizzes that our very own Campervan inhabitants took part in whilst enjoying the delights of the Gallifrey One convention in Los Angeles.

For this quiz Ian and James went up against the quizzing might of Josh and Steve from The Memory Cheats podcast.

Quiz master is friend of the show Andrew Smith, writer of the 80s story, Full Circle.

And hosting proceedings (which really just gives him an excuse to make some cheap shots at the contestants) is another dear friend of the show, Chip, host of the Two Minute Timelord podcast.

Two mighty teams, with thousands of kilometres of water between them, brought together to compete in the quizzing arena.  Exciting huh?

Thanks to Chip for making the audio recording of this mighty battle available to the DWP.

It’s been a long time between drinks in the Doctor Who Podcast quizzing arena, but the boys are back to pit their wits against the best Doctor Who has to offer.

In this instalment of this epic battle, our very own Ian is the quizmaster, throwing the verbal conundrums up against Trevor, James and Leeson.

The eternal questions have to be asked – who will be victorious, and who will will be left crying into their warm milk? And on what question will Trev spit his dummy on this time?

Only one way to find out!

Whilst Cyberleader Kang puts the finishing touches to Ep 154 of the Doctor Who Podcast, it is time for another DWP Quiz!

This quiz has Tom asking the questions to the three nervous lads in the Campervan.

Who will come out victorious?  Who will go away and cry into their Doctor Who episode guide?  Who will get the honour of asking the questions for Quiz 13?  Have a listen and find out!

After a long and not necessarily planned hiatus, the DWP ventures into another quiz.

Leeson is quiz master this time around and pits the questions against an expectant Trevor, Tom and James.

Who will be the victor?  Who will be left crying into their drinks?

Have a listen and find out!

It has been a while since we have done one of these things, but The Doctor Who Podcast quiz is back!

Tom is quizmaster to a nervous Trevor and James, who are being assaulted under the barrage of ten exquisitely chosen questions courtesy, in part, from our wonderful listeners.

Fresh from their victory and humiliating defeat at the Gallifrey 22 convention, the DWP team decided it was time to pit their wits against each other again, and hence the DWP Quiz 9 was born.

Trevor is quizmaster this time around and he has come up with some fiendish questions to pit against Tom and James.

The arena is set, the players are ready, the half time oranges are cut and ready to go. The only question is, are you, the listener, ready for this goliath-like battle?

In what is the DWPs last bit of Gallifrey 22 coverage, we present the epic quiz showdown between the DWP and the Oodcast.

It was early on Sunday morning, and a hushed silence fell over the convention area as the arena was set for the epic battle of wills between the two mighty podcasts.

Presented by master of ceremonies Clayton Hickman have a listen now to what is a truly memorable chapter in not only DWP quiz history, but will go down in the annals of Gallifrey history as something rather special. Laid it on thick enough for you?