Now what else would any self-respecting Doctor Who podcast be doing this time of year?

Apart from fighting over the last scraps of christmas turkey and filling the recycle bins to overflowing with paper, James and Tom also review the Doctor Who christmas special for 2010, cunningly titled A Christmas Carol

Where everyone wears a silly paper hat

Xmas comes early to the listeners of the Doctor Who Podcast as we present to you our little bit of Christmas cheer, all wrapped up in a bite size mp3.

This episode is extra special – we invited along some special guests to help pop some crackers and eat some turkey.

It is our great pleasure to welcome to the campervan the members of the Oodcast along with comedian and Doctor Who fan Ashley Frieze.

We hope you enjoy the simply wondeful offerings in this special episode of the DWP. And if you are still hungry for more, make sure you check out the Oodcast, and the comedy stylings of Ashley Frieze, you will not be disappointed!

Merry Xmas and a happy and bountiful new year to all the listeners of the Doctor Who Podcast. We hope you enjoy Matt Smith and Co in a few short days!

Chip and James are in the campervan this week reviewing the stories that comprise the first half of the new 8th Doctor season of stories from Big Finish.

Listen in as they review Situation Vacant, Nevermore, Book of Kells and Deimos.

All these stories are available for purchase now via the Big Finish website. Get a great Xmas gift for that special Doctor Who fan in your life!

Toby and Rob are really nice people

A very exciting episode this week for you. We have managed to secure an interview with Rob Shearman and Toby Hadoke, authors of a new book from the fine bods atMad Norwegian Press.

It is called Running Through Corridors, and it chronicles the adventures of two insane Doctor Who fans who decided to watch one episode of Doctor Who, per day and is available now, from Mad Norwegian Press. Listen in the episode for your chance to win a copy of the book!

All the way from the beginning.

The very beginning, in 1963.

Watch them all, then say something nice about every episode.

No small feat I am sure you will agree!

Toby and Rob chat with Chip from the 2 Minute Timelord podcast, who stepped in to help us out with the interview. Thanks Chip!

As a companion piece to this episode, hop on over to the 2 Minute Timelord website and listen to Chip’s review of the book in his show, Episode 178.