It’s convention time! Join James, Drew and Brent as the DWP campervan materialises in Long Island, New York!

Well, perhaps not quite – Brent and Drew attended LI Who last month and this podcast comprises 45 min of making James jealous and wishing he had attended! Join the team as they remissness about this years’ event that played host to Paul McGann, Katy Manning, Frazer Hines, Sacha Dhawan, Michael Troughton – and many others.

Along with a quick run though the latest news, don’t miss this latest edition of the DWP!

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Happy New Year! Is it too late to say that? Never mind, we’re saying it anyway!

It’s that time of year once again when time streams coalesce, podcast contrails converge and basically, we mix it right up! Yes, Michele and James join forces with Brent and Drew on the first in a new series of Who & Company shows. “Isn’t that basically the same as a regular DWP “, we hear you ask?! Well, take a listen and find out as we discuss Yeti up mountains in Tibet!

The DWP will be back shortly with our annual predictions episode – don’t miss that one, it’s always a bit of a riot!

Yes it’s that time of year in Doctor Who Podcast-land when the hosts stay the same, but the podcast changes, as our world collides with that of Who & Company.

This time, Drew, Brent Michele and James join forces to talk about the latest animated missing story, Evil of the Daleks.

We’ll be back later this month with two further episodes in which celebrate forty years of the fifth doctor – and make fools of ourselves in our 2022 predictions show.

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Enjoy the show.