It’s here – two months late, but it’s here! Jump on board the Campervan as James, Brent, Drew and Ian stare into the official DWP crystal ball and make their Who predictions for 2022. That’s not before they step back in time to February 2021 and review those the team made last year! Fun, jollity, hilarity and inaccuracy ensure.

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It’s the return of our New Year predictions show! Join Ian, Brent, Phil and James as they spend an hour gazing into the Campervan’s crystal ball and making informed predictions (ie wild guesses) about what will happen in the worlds of Doctor Who in 2021.

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We’ll be back in March with Episode 320 which will see the return of Desert Island Who and Who banter a-plenty!

Enjoy the show.

Yes, it’s that time of year again.  The time when we all take a look into the mists of time yet to pass and say clearly what it is we see happening in the world of Doctor Who.  Join Leeson, James, Michele and Trevor as they argue about the outcomes of last year’s predictions and commit themselves to what they think will happen this year.

Enjoy the show.

And welcome to the first regular Doctor Who Podcast of 2014!  In time honoured fashion, it’s our predictions episode! James, Stephen, Michele and Leeson take a look back at the predictions we made at the beginning of last year (in Episode 183) and then foolishly go on to make brand new ones for 2014.

As is customary at the DWP before we launch into a new series of Doctor Who, we have a look at the information we know so far about the upcoming stories and see if we can figure out what they are about.

The investigation team of Trevor, James and Ian have scoured the internet, looked under the floorboards and tried a sneaky mind-meld with Stephen Moffat to bring you the good oil on Series 7B.

As we are discussing spoilers about unaired stories, if you are sensitive to these sorts of things, this probably isn’t the episode for you.  We do not talk about anything that isn’t already publically available.

Ian and Michele also have a chat about Life Without the Ponds – we are entering an era of the show that does not have our second favourite married couple as part of the TARDIS crew.  Will the show survive?

Welcome to another fun packed year of THE Doctor Who Podcast, the friendliest, most stylish, informative and most importantly totally FREE podcast out there!

It wouldn’t be a new year of THE Doctor Who Podcast without the hosts speculating on what will happen in the Doctor Who universe in 2013, the anniversary year for this amazing show.  Trev, James and Leeson offer up their suggestions for what will be going on this year, partly cause it is fun to guess, but mainly because we look forward to revisiting them again in a years time and see how badly we were wrong!

The team also go over the predictions from the beginning of 2012 and see how many of them came true.

Share your thoughts on what you think is a sure fire bet in 2013.“> is the place to send those musings.

A new year dawns (Happy New Year to all our listeners!), so it must be time for the DWP to dust off their crystal balls again and make some grandiose and probably totally incorrect predictions for what will be happening in the world of Doctor Who in 2012.

We also rather foolishly review the predictions we made in Episode #59 about what was going to happen in 2011.  Hear where we went dramatically wrong!

Just how wrong will they be in 2012?

We warm up our crystal balls and get our tarot cards ready – it’s the DWP predictions for 2011!

Trevor, James and Tom have come armed to the campervan with three predictions on what will occur in the Doctor Who world in 2011.

Save this episode for this time next year, when you can play it again and laugh at how wrong each of the team are!