The DWP is back with its final installment of reviews for the Pond Life series of videos released online by the BBC.

In todays episode the Doctor tries to get in touch with his former companions, but things don’t go to plan….

Don’t forget to download the DWP review of Asylum of the Daleks straight after watching it Saturday.  We’ll be here waiting for you.

Time to enter the spoiler cave and preview the upcoming batch of episodes that kicks off Series 7.

We have scoured the internet, looked under all the spoilery rocks and peeked behind the spoiler filled doors to bring you this episode.

Be warned – if you want to remain totally unspoiled about Series 7 and the stories contained within, do not listen to this episode!

Having said that, all the spoilers we talk about can be found on the internet and in magazines if you so wish.

So we hope you can join us for a fun filled adventure into the soon to be screened Series 7.

And make sure you visit the DWP site straight after viewing Asylum of the Daleks this Saturday – the DWP will be here waiting for you with our review of the episode.

Continuing on with the DWP reviews of the special Pond Life episodes the BBC is releasing on their website in the lead up to the beginning of Series 7, today is our review of Pond Life Episode #2.

Also some very exciting news for Australian fans of Doctor Who!

Whilst we wait for Asylum of the Daleks to grace our screens, the BBC has begun releasing some videos in the lead up to the 1st September screening.

Entitled Pond Life, it shows life for the Ponds whilst the Doctor is along galavanting round the  universe. One episode each day will be released on the Doctor Who BBC website.

The DWP will be providing reviews of these releases over the coming week. Trevor takes us through the first part which was released at midday Monday 27th August.

In this episodeJames, Leeson, Tom and Ian share with you their NON-spoilery thoughts of the first episode from the new series of Doctor Who – Asylum of the Daleks.

The lads were lucky enough to attend the BFI screening of this episode on the 14th August and recorded a bit of a live show where they discuss the story, and some of the interesting titbits that came out of the lively Q&A session afterwards.


In a bumper episode of the Doctor Who PodcastJames and Leeson talk about one of the latest trilogies from the magnificent bods at Big Finish.

The multi-colour coated one, the 6th Doctor gets an outing in a series of plays – Curse of Davros, The Fourth Wall and Wirrn Isle.

James also quizzes Leeson on his viewing of Planet of the Spiders, which was the winner of our little competition back in episode 151.

This episode we are in DVD review mode where we look at the Pertwee story The Dæmons and the McCoy story, The Happiness Patrol.  Are they worthy of going five rounds with, and will they make you happy?  Listen in to find out.

We also have a bit of a chat about the recent opening ceremony for the London Olympics, and share our thoughts on the recent passing of Mary Tamm, companion to the fourth Doctor.