In this episode, Stephen, Tom and James discuss the announcement made last week that The Day of The Doctor will be simulcast in over 75 countries around the globe.  Now just why didn’t that happen with The Five Doctors?!

They also bring you the final part in the latest mini-series of Burning Issues – to what extent does the lead actor actually need to act in order to successfully portray the Doctor?!

Michele and Ian are also back discussing the final two parts of the second run of Big Finish’s spin-off series from Remembrance of the Daleks, Counter Measures.

Join Stephen, Leeson and James in the second of our newest series of Burning Issues episodes.  The Sonic Screwdriver.  Love it or hate it, it’s become a fundamental part of the show in much the same way as the TARDIS is.   But has it’s continual presence in the series since 2005 done the show any favours? Do writers rely on it too much now as a magic wand that can resolve plot points?  Join us in the campervan to find out what we think.

Michele and Ian also pop in and post a review of parts one and two of the second series of Counter Measures – the Big Finish spin-off series from Remembrance of the Daleks.

Following on from our mini-season of Burning Issues podcasts earlier in the year Stephen Tom and James are back with the first in a new series.

It’s often been said that Doctor Who takes its lead from other television shows and films, and certainly, there are times when a new story’s inspiration is apparent. But its also widely accepted that Doctor Who is unique and despite many attempts, not one show has been able to emulate the precise je ne said quoi our beloved show so clearly has. So what is it? A Trend Setter or Follower? Tune in to hear our take on the matter.

Also, this episode sees the last of our popular Seventh Heaven instalments. Stephen (no,not that one, the other one) has finally finished his quest to watch all of the Sylvester McCoy stories for the very first time. Tune in to hear what he thinks about The Curse of Fenric and Survival.

Join us next week for a leisurely discussion (yes, we do those sometimes.  What?!) about just what an older actor playing the Doctor will mean for the show.

The last in our current series of Burning Issues here at the DWP – the thorny subject of “How Far Can Sacred Cows be Pushed?”  How much that we hold dear about our beloved program is open to reinterpretation, reimagining and redesign and how much about the history of the show do we need to consider when creating more of it?

In the Campervan alongsideJames and Trevor is a special guest to help get to the bottom of this complex issue – the host of A Mad Man with a Box Podcast, Stephen Prescott.


This week is the second of our Burning Issues series – trying to provide answers and debate around some of the touchstones that have cropped up during a past Doctor Who Podcast.

Today we have been charged by ALMANAC (A Love and Monsters Appreciation nnnnddd Activity Club) to get to the bottom of an issue.  Love and Monsters, the first true Doctor-lite episode in the modern era of the program – is it comedy genius or not worthy of the logo?

Tasked to discuss this issue are Trevor, James and Michele.

As always, we want the listeners of The DWP to decide this stories fate. Get your thoughts in to“>

This week the first in our series of Burning Issues – unresolved questions posed on the Doctor Who Podcast in previous episodes that we hope to be able to provide answers for.

The first of these is in response to a statement Tom made on a previous DWP – that the classic series story Genesis of the Daleks should be “put in a box and buried”, further stating it was the worst story of the first twenty years of the program.

Such an assertion could not go unchallenged.  So we have put Tom on trial in this episode – he must answer for his most heinous crime.  The case for the defence and prosecution will be set, then it will be up to you, our wonderful listeners to decide on the verdict.  Let us know at“> just where Genesis of the Daleks should sit in the history of the show.