James talks to Stephen Elsden, the Commander-in-Chief of the Big Blue Box Convention that re-materialises in Tunbridge Wells on Saturday 16 March 2013.

The popular one day convention for fans of Doctor Who rematerialises at Trinity Theatre to mark the 50th anniversary of everyone’s favourite time traveller.

The event will include panel discussions with audience Q&As, a live debate, charity auction, special screenings, signings and stalls.

Guests (subject to work commitments) include LouiseJameson (Leela), Sarah Sutton (Nyssa), Simon Fisher-Becker (Dorium Maldovar) and from inside the Daleks, operators Cy Town and Nicholas Pegg. They’ll be joined by writers and commentators including Simon Guerrier, Gary Russell, Nigel Fairs, Richard Bignell, Will Howells and Jonathan Morris, along with Doctor Who composer Mark Ayres and audio actor and comedian Michael Fenton-Stevens.

The day will conclude with a special performance of Toby Hadoke’s sell out Edinburgh show, My Stepson Stole my Sonic Screwdriver.

Tickets are available online from the Trinity Theatre website or by phoning 01892 678678.

All proceeds from this event will go to Compaid, a local charity supporting disabled people

Part one of our Tenth Doctor Retrospective is finally here – join Trevor, Leeson and James as they calmly and reasonably debate Doctor Who in 2006.  Listen as no furniture flies through the air. Revel in the tranquility as scerene and articlate as views are exchanged in a loving and caring campervan atmosphere.  In fact, use this podcast as a theraputic relaxation tool to take a break from the madness of this crazy  world we all inhabit!

On serious note (well, relatively) this episode sees the DWP team start another of their seemingly very popular era-retrospectives. The tenth Doctor’s era is a funny one – on one hand it feels very recent, but in this episode the boys find themselves talking about episodes that were first transmitted on BBC1 six years ago. SIX years ago!

The lads are back next week in part two to talk about Shakespeare, Martha and Masters in Series 3.




You may have heard of a little show called I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here! which has been going for quite some time in the UofK.  D-List celebrities are thrown into an Australian wilderness area and forced to eat bugs, undertake ridiculous challenges and spending long nights trying to figure out who is the least obscure amongst them.

Our very own Doctor Who, Colin Baker is making an appearance this season, and James and Trevor chat about just why the Doctor of the multi-coloured coat is willing to make a multi-coloured fool of himself on this program.

The boys also chat about our very own Michele’s appearance at the upcoming Chicago TARDIS, and we launch yet another incredible competition for a very special prize that is definately worth fighting for.

It’s been a long time between drinks in the Doctor Who Podcast quizzing arena, but the boys are back to pit their wits against the best Doctor Who has to offer.

In this instalment of this epic battle, our very own Ian is the quizmaster, throwing the verbal conundrums up against Trevor, James and Leeson.

The eternal questions have to be asked – who will be victorious, and who will will be left crying into their warm milk? And on what question will Trev spit his dummy on this time?

Only one way to find out!

The DWP Campervan this week is getting a little crafty.  The dining room table is covered in paints, crayons and half finished sketches of John Barrowman.

The lounge suite is swimming in a sea of different coloured wools, so much it would put that witty knitter Madame Nostradamus to shame.

And the kitchen.  Let’s just say it will take a little while to clear up the paper mache, glue and tinsel.

What is all this for you may ask?  Well, Trevor, Leeson and Tom have been delving into the wonderful world of fan creativity, in its many guises and forms.

Doctor Who fans certainly are a talented lot, and we have found a few that we wish to share with you today.

Discussed in this episode are the following gems of fandom imagination:

There is plenty more out there to be had, so treat yourself on a rainy afternoon to a feast of Doctor Who, fan-style.

We also have an interview with Paul Scoones, author of the Comic Strip Companion Volume 1, published by those book boffins at Telos Publishing.  This book has started the long journey of chronicling the Doctor’s adventures in the comic strip form.  We also give you a chance to win a copy of this fantastic book.

And if that wasn’t enough to keep you going tis episode, Ian and Michele complete their review of the Big Finish I, Davros series.