Join Tom, James and Leeson as they get ready for the mid-season finale of series seven of Doctor Who!  Can it be just a month ago that we all sat down in front of our telly boxes, oozing strange anticipatory juices from secretions we didn’t know we had?

The chaps take a pause for breath before the last episode of Dr Who for almost three months airs this coming Saturday. Speculation and guesswork abound – but for those of you with a spoilery disposition, there is a two minute conversation during this episode about a controversial trailer for Angels that as you read this, has already aired in Canada. Leeson gives a clear warning before we start discussing that point which might be a notch or two above some sensitive listener’s spoiler threshold.

We’ll be back in episode 166 after Angels has aired – sadly however, this will not be straight after the programme transmits in the UK this time – you’ll have to wait until Tuesday!!

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Writer Chris Chibnall’s second story for Series 7 – The Power of Three goes under the DWP microscope this episode.

Ian and James are in the review seats this episode and are joined later on by a mysterious Leeson in a time-eddy. Really.

The feedback has been pouring into the DWP inbox over the past few weeks, full of your comments on the first few episodes from Season 7.

In this episode, Trevor, Michele and Tom go through the feedback received.

And since they have been absent from the initial review eps, they also share their thoughts on the first three episodes.

Well, oh mercy me!  What do we have here,  wandering into my little establishment!  What do you call yourself, stranger?

The D, W, P… pod-cast you say?  Interesting.  Never heard of no pod-cast in these here parts before.

So beg my asking, but just what does a D, W, P pod-cast actually do?

A review you say?  Surely you aren’t reviewing pretty little me?  Oh my!

Oh, not me… you are reviewing?  A what, a T V show?  Doctor Who?

No I profess to not knowing what in heaven this thing called a T V is, but surely the good Doctor has a last name?  I can’t be calling a gentlemen Doctor Who, now can I?

Oh, I see.  How bizarre.

Well, why don’t you seat yourself down in that chair and tell me all about this T V show?  Does this show have a name, or do I call it Who as well?

A Town Called Mercy?  Lordy be, what a funny name!  Tell me all about it.  Don’t be long now you here, I have chores to attend to.

You’ve just watched some old dinosaurs on a spaceship, now listen to a few old dinosaurs in the Doctor Who Podcast Campervan talk about the latest episode from this short and sweet run of Doctor Who – Dinosaurs on a Spaceship!

James and Leeson will again provide you with the first podcast review available of a Season 7 story.  Enjoy.  Just mind where you step.  Dinosaurs don’t only leave big footprints you know…

Get your feedback in pronto, as a super-duper dinosaur-sized feedback DWP is planned for Episode 163.“>

A short break from the excitement that is Season 7 of Doctor Who.

James and Leeson bring you a fantastic interview from Whooverville 4, one of the greatest conventions on the planet.

They were lucky enough to sit down with classic Doctor Who companion, Peter Purves.

Peter played Steven Taylor, the fiesty companion to the 1st Doctor, William Hartnell from 1965 to 1966.  He has also been involved with various Big Finish companion chronicles.

Settle back for what is an enjoyable interview with Peter Purves.

You’ve watched the episode, now listen to the review.

James, Leeson and Ian give you their thoughts on this much anticipated Season 7 opening story.

Not much more to say really.  Enjoy!

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