And welcome to a landmark episode of The Doctor Who Podcast – for the first time, all six hosts appear on this one! But not at the same time….. it’s timey wimey.

Stephen, Tom and James zip all the way back to 1965 and talk about the first story in the third series of Doctor Who, Galaxy Four.  A reconstruction of the story (including the recently recovered complete third episode) was released on the Special Edition of The Aztecs DVD, and it’s this version of the story the team take a look at.  Not being one to be left out of a good ol’ natter about missing episodes, Leeson jumps in with his opinion too.

Still locked in the Campervan Annex, Michele and Ian and  have been passing the time by looking at another story that until recently, consisted of just one surviving episode.  Join them as they take a look at The Underwater Menace.

We’ll be back next week with the second in our newest series of Burning Issues podcasts. This time we put the sonic screwdriver under the spotlight and ask if it’s time for it to go…..Terileptil style.

Stephen continues his mission to record with the entire DWP Campervan crew in the space of just one month.  Not afraid of controversy, Stephen opts to discuss another thorny issue – can Doctor Who really be considered as a British show any longer? Who better to fly the flag for Britiain, but the softest, fluffiest and sweetest member of the DWP, Mr Leeson Fischer.  Abandon hope all ye who download.

For the sane listeners, Michele and Ian bring you a review of the next Big Finish’s fourth Doctor and Romana play, Phantoms of the Deep.

For listeners that survive this episode, we’ll be back next week to to look at two early stories that have both had episodes returned to the BBC archives recently, Galaxy Four and the Underwater Menace.

Ian and Stephen are in the Campervan this week talking about the idea of an older actor playing the Doctor.  After having several beautiful young men in the prime of their life play the part, we are now presented with a more mature option, Peter Capaldi.

Ian and Stephen talk about their reaction to the casting decision and indeed, what an older lead actor means for show. The boys even dare to discuss the thorny subject of “Just how old is the Doctor?”. Wow.  it’ll be UNIT dating next.

If that wasn’t enough, Michele joins Ian for a chat about another fourth Doctor and Romana Big Finish audio, The Justice of Jalxar.

Hold on to your hats for next week – it’s the one we’ve ALL been waiting for.  When Stephen met Leeson.  You have been warned.

Following on from our mini-season of Burning Issues podcasts earlier in the year Stephen Tom and James are back with the first in a new series.

It’s often been said that Doctor Who takes its lead from other television shows and films, and certainly, there are times when a new story’s inspiration is apparent. But its also widely accepted that Doctor Who is unique and despite many attempts, not one show has been able to emulate the precise je ne said quoi our beloved show so clearly has. So what is it? A Trend Setter or Follower? Tune in to hear our take on the matter.

Also, this episode sees the last of our popular Seventh Heaven instalments. Stephen (no,not that one, the other one) has finally finished his quest to watch all of the Sylvester McCoy stories for the very first time. Tune in to hear what he thinks about The Curse of Fenric and Survival.

Join us next week for a leisurely discussion (yes, we do those sometimes.  What?!) about just what an older actor playing the Doctor will mean for the show.

The speculation, guesswork, teeth grinding and sleepless nights are over.  We now know who will step into Matt Smith’s shoes at the end of the year.

Peter Capaldi, best known from the BBC comedy series The Thick of It, director of a Academy Awards nominated short film, winner of a BAFTA and two British comedy awards, has been announced as the 12th Doctor.

Join James, Tom and Stephen as they discuss the reaction to the announcement broadcast on BBC television (and indeed worldwide!).