This week it is our great pleasure to bring you an interview with a man you may be familiar with. He holds the record as the longest serving editor of Doctor Who Magazine. He has written for Big Finish, The Sarah Jane Smith Adventures and Comic Relief. When he isn’t writing, he is contributing covers to the Big Finish audio range, or the 2Entertain range of DVDs. In his spare time he moderates the DVD commentaries on such releases as The Time Meddler and Frontier in Space.

He found time in his diary to speak toJames on an incredible variety of subjects, presented here in an hour long interview.

This is the last episode of the Doctor Who Podcast for the next two weeks or so. Trevor and James will be in Los Angeles this week at the Gallifrey 22 convention. As well as meeting each other face to face for the first time, they hope to secure interviews for you with the guests.

For those going to the convention, come up and say hi and get a Doctor Who Podcast ribbon (today at the convention, tomorrow on eBay!).

The Mott is in the house! (campervan)

It is our great pleasure to bring you at The Doctor Who Podcast an interview with Wilfred Mott himself, Bernard Cribbins.James was lucky enough to speak to him recently.

Bernard’s time with Doctor Who stretches back as far as the second Dalek movie – Daleks’ Invasion Earth 2150AD, all the way up to his most memorable Who role as Wilfred Mott, grandfather and sometime comapnion to the David Tennant Doctor.

In the rest of the podcast, Tom and James geek out about companion mix ups. What if Adric was a companion to the 9th Doctor? How would Nyssa fare alongside the Matt Smith Doctor?

Gallifrey 22 is not far away, and the DWP team needs your help! Full details are in the show.

Toby and Rob are really nice people

A very exciting episode this week for you. We have managed to secure an interview with Rob Shearman and Toby Hadoke, authors of a new book from the fine bods atMad Norwegian Press.

It is called Running Through Corridors, and it chronicles the adventures of two insane Doctor Who fans who decided to watch one episode of Doctor Who, per day and is available now, from Mad Norwegian Press. Listen in the episode for your chance to win a copy of the book!

All the way from the beginning.

The very beginning, in 1963.

Watch them all, then say something nice about every episode.

No small feat I am sure you will agree!

Toby and Rob chat with Chip from the 2 Minute Timelord podcast, who stepped in to help us out with the interview. Thanks Chip!

As a companion piece to this episode, hop on over to the 2 Minute Timelord website and listen to Chip’s review of the book in his show, Episode 178.

This one is the real… deal.

It certainly has been a busy week here at DWP Towers, quizzes and commentary tracks keeping the 50th episode celebration week ticking nicely along.

We have saved the best for last though – episode 50 is now yours to enjoy, and there is a lot to enjoy in this little file!

First up is an interview with the Seventh Doctor and soon to be Lord of the Rings Wizard, Sylvester McCoy.

Tom was lucky enough to have a bit of a chat with McCoy in his recent trip to the Big Finish studios. We think you will find this interview unlike any other you have heard from him.

Back in the studio, the boys review the Seventh Doctor’s first adventure, now unleashed on DVD – Time and the Rani. This much maligned story has been given the 2Entertain deluxe DVD treatment and we look at the release and the story itself.

Thank you to all our amazing listeners out there who have stuck with the show since it began. You are what makes this show what it is and we thank you. Here’s to another 50! 100! 200!

“What temptuous contortions of the gyrating kind!”

Big Finish have expanded their already impressive range of Doctor Who-related audios with the release of Jago and Litefoot – Season 1. Henry Gordon Jago and Professor Litefoot are two characters fondly remembered from the Tom Baker story The Talons of Weng-Chiang.

So popular were they that they have been given their own audio series to explore the seedy underbelly of Victorian England.

James and Trevor review the four story first season.

We also have an interview with Henry Gordon Jago himself, Christopher Benjamin. Our thanks go to Luke from the The Minute Doctor Who Podcast for stepping in at the last minute and helping us out with this interview.

It’s NEW Who, not Nu Who!

A very big episode for you this week, focused entirely on New Who. First up is a review of the audio book The Runaway Train, read by Matt Smith and given away free with the Daily Telegraph a few months back.James got a day pass and went to see Doctor Who Live, and he shares his experience with us. To round off the episode, we have a fantastic interview with Ian McNeice, the man who brought Winston Churchill so vividly to life in the Matt Smith story Victory of the Daleks.

or.. Doctor Who in an Exciting Adventure with some companions

Tom and James went on a works outing last week up to the wilds of Derbyshire to see what was going on at Whooverville 2, the convention that boasts being the only such event run in an engine shed. And they are right (we checked).

Tom was lucky enough to be the on-stage interviewer for second Doctor companion and all round screamer Deborah Watling. Deborah played Victoria Waterfield alongside the 2nd Doctor from 1967-1969. With the kind permission of the Whooverville bods we bring that interview to you in this episode.

The boys also managed to back Sophie Aldred (or Ace to her legions of fans) into a corner and ask her some questions. And to round off the day, Tom intimidated a Dalek.

Run for your life!

A very packed episode this week. First up is an interview with Alex Day, musician and pioneer of Trock, Time Lord Rock. We talk about the whole Trock movement, and listen to a few of Alex’s tracks.

Next up is an interview with Peter Jewell, who has emptied his cupboard of all his Doctor Who memorabilia and put them on display for all to see. Trevor talks with Peter about collection, collections and what to collect.

Last up this episode is a piece we couldn’t quite squeeze into last weeks Big Finish review ep. In response to a listener email the team lay their cards on the table and talk about their favourite Big Finish audios, and the audios a new listener needs to get their ears around, pronto!

Does my backside look big in this kilt?

With no new Doctor Who to keep us busy, thank goodness that Big Finish keep providing us with audio releases to delight our ears during these lean months.

The team focuses their attention to reviewing three audios that saw the return of Jamie McCrimmon to the Doctor Who universe. City of Spires, Wreck of the Titan and Legend of the Cybermen.

We also have a fantastic interview thatJames conducted with Barnaby Edwards. Whilst he talks about his involvement with this trilogy, he also shares some hightlights of his extensive CV. We would put a copy of his CV up for you to look at, but it would overload the internet.

Tom finds himself alone in the campervan this week and takes the opportunity to blow the dust and cobwebs off an interview he recorded at the Fab Cafe event in Manchester in June.

Fab Cafe is a wonderful little bar/convention location which occasionally plays host to guests from the world of Doctor Who. Tom was lucky enough to speak to a few of the guests, and it is our pleasure to present more in this episode of the DWP. Check out Episode 18 of The Doctor Who Podcast for more from this event.

In this ep Tom talks to Ryan Hendrick, who is the driving force behind a superb new fan film, Besieged. Tom talks with him about how he put it together, and some promising news for the future.