James and Trevor are in review mode this week as they tackle a recent box set from those bods at 2Entertain.

The Mara Tales set, comprising the stories Kinda and Snakedance from the Peter Davison era have been released in a shiny cardboard case. James has already laid his cards on the table numerous times in professing his love for these two snakey stories, but what does Trev think?

We also take time to review the first episode from the new series of Torchwood.

Also included is a bit of left over rambling from a recent recording session – all to do with some thoughts on Series 6.

We also draw the winner of one of our recent competitions.

A jam-packed show this week asJames comes back to the campervan, having brought back from his holiday a lovely little painted shell from the seaside.

James shares his thoughts on the Doctor Who Experience with his co-host from the Dad’s Army Podcast, Oliver Crocker. Just what will you, ah, experience at the Doctor Who Experience?

We also review a book by author Alwyn W Turner, The Man Who Invented the Daleks. As the title cunningly says, it is a book about the life and times of Terry Nation, who contributed to Doctor Who and a wealth of other British genre shows.

We also have some copies of the book to give away in our most fiendish competition yet! Thanks go to Ross from the Creeping with Armstrong podcast for donating an additional prize as well.

James was lucky enough to speak with Tom Spilsbury, current editor of Doctor Who Magazine recently.

James covered Tom’s time with the magazine, and also discusses the recent controversy of spoilergate which has rocketed through the Doctor Who online community.

Join James in what is a fascinating chat with the man who holds the reigns of what many regard as the bible of Doctor Who information.

There is also a competition in which you can win a very special prize indeed!

Nearly typed “planet” there….

What else would any self-respecting Doctor Who podcast be doing straight after Easter. Why, reviewing The Impossible Astronaut of course! The DWP is no different, and it is with a spring in our step and a thrill coursing our entire bodies that we review the season opener.

We also announce the winners of a couple of competitions we have had going over the past month.

The ahem…. Three Who Rock are back in the campervan for this podcast to review the episode Cold Blood.

Also stick around at the end of the episode for the announcement of a brand new competition, a competition unlike any other unleashed on a Doctor Who podcast before!