Welcome to another fun packed year of THE Doctor Who Podcast, the friendliest, most stylish, informative and most importantly totally FREE podcast out there!

It wouldn’t be a new year of THE Doctor Who Podcast without the hosts speculating on what will happen in the Doctor Who universe in 2013, the anniversary year for this amazing show.  Trev, James and Leeson offer up their suggestions for what will be going on this year, partly cause it is fun to guess, but mainly because we look forward to revisiting them again in a years time and see how badly we were wrong!

The team also go over the predictions from the beginning of 2012 and see how many of them came true.

Share your thoughts on what you think is a sure fire bet in 2013.  feedback@thedoctorwhopodcast.com“>feedback@thedoctorwhopodcast.com is the place to send those musings.

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