In just a few days, the DWP Campervan will be packing up and preparing itself for dematerialisation.  The co-ordinates are set for Los Angeles where hoards of Doctor Who fans will be travelling to from all four corners of the globe to celebrate fifty years of the show we call Doctor Who at the annual Gallifrey One convention.

Sadly, some of the Campervan occupants will be absent – Trev, Leeson and Tom’s invites failed to show up at the correct space-time co-ordinates, and they are therefore destined to miss the campervan’s departure – in very a similar way that Tegan missed the TARDIS at the end of Timeflight. Will they end up in Amsterdam?  Let hope not.  For Amsterdam’s sake.

In the meantime, pull up a chair a listen to Chip from the highly acclaimed Two Minute Timelord podcast and Chris from The Oodcast as they chat toJames about their imminent travel plans, panels, podcast panels, cosplay – you name it, they chat about it.

This IS our preview of The 24 Hours of Gallifrey – and you are MOST welcome!

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