We all have our own guilty pleasures.  Whether it be that sneaky trip to the fridge at midnight to have chomp on that chocolate bar without having to share it or taking delight in sitting down to enjoy The Phantom Menace, engaging in activities we know would raise eyebrows from our peers makes our guilty pleasures all the more enjoyable!

Doctor Who is the same.  We all enjoy parts of the show that others frown upon. Our own little moments of joy in a show that might not necessarily be considered as such by other fans.

In this episode, Tom and Leeson discuss their own Who related guilty pleasures, along with Ian and Michele’s own secret loves from the shows history.

Tom and Leeson also find time to discuss what is happening currently in the world of Doctor Who.  With that in mind, for those that are sensitive to spoilers, it may be best to avoid the first 16 minutes of this episode.  The conversation is only slightly spoilerish – Tom and Leeson allude to facts already officially released and publicly available.  Neither rumoured plot points or unofficial news is discussed.


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