A very special quiz this time around from the Doctor Who Podcast.

We present today the first of two quizzes that our very own Campervan inhabitants took part in whilst enjoying the delights of the Gallifrey One convention in Los Angeles.

For this quiz Ian and James went up against the quizzing might of Josh and Steve from The Memory Cheats podcast.

Quiz master is friend of the show Andrew Smith, writer of the 80s story, Full Circle.

And hosting proceedings (which really just gives him an excuse to make some cheap shots at the contestants) is another dear friend of the show, Chip, host of the Two Minute Timelord podcast.

Two mighty teams, with thousands of kilometres of water between them, brought together to compete in the quizzing arena.  Exciting huh?

Thanks to Chip for making the audio recording of this mighty battle available to the DWP.

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