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On discovering that I co-present a podcast, the friends and family who show any interest inevitably ask at some point, ‘well, just how long do you spend on this’?! My answer is usually quite brief and goes something like, ‘well Trev and Tom do all the editing, so not much’! And for the most part, that is absolutely true.

However, for DWP #39, Tom and I sent Trev on holiday and we got stuck into reviewing two of the most derided classic who stories of all time – Revenge of the Cyberman and Silver Nemesis. What we thought of the DVD set you can hear on the podcast, but what I wanted to talk about here was the preparation required for this, 45 minute podcast.

I currently have a very busy life.  I’m not complaining – busy is better than boring, and in general, it’s all good.  I have a daughter who is rapidly approaching her second birthday and I have a very demanding new job so between the two, my free time is limited.  Therefore, watching seven episodes of Doctor Who along with several special features in just seven days is something I haven’t even thought about for years now!  My wife, bless her, was incredibly understanding and de-camped upstairs to watch EastEnders on her own every night that week.

Now, getting to my style of review – I make notes.  I have to.  I have a brain that gets distracted incredibly easily and whilst talking to Tom, it’s quite possible that I will end up making just two or three of the forty odd points that I have somehow deemed ‘interesting’ and wish to make during our review.

Recording time comes around and Tom and I talk for about 90 minutes.  You get to hear about half of that in the final edit.  Both Tom and I make, despite our best efforts, about half of the points we have on our respective lists.

So dear listener/reader, I thought it might be worth publishing my raw notes for Revenge to give you just a brief, very narrow insight into what goes into just one episode of the DWP.   Why do we do it?! Beacuse we love it of course! And for some reason the three of us are under the impression that you out there will find what we have to say interesting!  Anyway, here you are – feel free to make comments and if there is there the desire, you can have my Silver Nemesis notes next time!

Notes for Revenge of the Cybermen review

Notes for Revenge of the Cybermen review

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