Ever sat back and marvelled at Steven Moffat‘s ability to weave multi-threaded plotlines?  What a fantastic mystery Clara was, set up almost 12 months before the resolution was presented on our telly screens.  Oh, and don’t forget the ‘Who precisely IS River Song’ arc that kicked off all the way back in 2008. But sometimes, Mr Moffat asks wonderfully intriguing questions – and then seems to forget about them. Or does he?!  Join James and Stephen from A Madman With a Box Podcast as they shine the DWP spotlight on these seemingly unanswered questions and chat about a couple of Kooky theries you wonderful listeners have sent in.

If that wasn’t enough, Stephen Elsden returns in part 3 of our increasingly popular Seventh Heaven mini-series to talk about Rememberance of the Daleks and the Happiness Patrol. Does carnage ensue? Tune in to find out!

Share you thoughts with us about your take on Moffat’s loose ends – record your thoughts in under 120 seconds  or less and email them to us at feedback@thedoctorwhopodcast.com.

Join Leeson, Trevor and Michele in the Campervan this coming weekend in an extra edition of the Doctor Who Podcast as they give Big Finish‘s Dark Eyes the DWP Review treatment.

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