And welcome to a landmark episode of The Doctor Who Podcast – for the first time, all six hosts appear on this one! But not at the same time….. it’s timey wimey.

Stephen, Tom and James zip all the way back to 1965 and talk about the first story in the third series of Doctor Who, Galaxy Four.  A reconstruction of the story (including the recently recovered complete third episode) was released on the Special Edition of The Aztecs DVD, and it’s this version of the story the team take a look at.  Not being one to be left out of a good ol’ natter about missing episodes, Leeson jumps in with his opinion too.

Still locked in the Campervan Annex, Michele and Ian and  have been passing the time by looking at another story that until recently, consisted of just one surviving episode.  Join them as they take a look at The Underwater Menace.

We’ll be back next week with the second in our newest series of Burning Issues podcasts. This time we put the sonic screwdriver under the spotlight and ask if it’s time for it to go…..Terileptil style.

Returning to the fertile sanctuary of Big Finish this episode,  Trevor, Leeson and Michele review the Paul McGann boxset series of audio dramas, Dark Eyes.

Heralding a darker, edgier Eighth Doctor, Dark Eyes takes the Doctor that once deliriously marvelled at how well a pair of borrowed shoes fitted, into a new and very exciting direction.

Join the Three Who Were Never Meant to Rule, Ever, as they feast upon the smorgasbord of story that Dark Eyes presents for us.

We also feature the epic continuation of our Seventh Heaven series, where Stephen Elsden is watching, for the first time, ALL the stories from the Seventh Doctor era!

They’ve finally managed to do it. After years of trying,  Ian and Michele have finally broken out of  the Campervan annex and have ‘peacefully occupied’ the Executive Recording Lounge! The reason for this incursion however is valid as they’ve found a Dalek to interview. And this is no ordinary Dalek either – it’s none other than Barnaby Edwards who has been operating various Skarosians for nigh-on twenty years.  And if that wasn’t enough, Ian and Michele review The Spectre of Lanyon Moor, an early Big Finish play starring Barnaby and written by fellow Dalek operator, Nicholas Pegg.

The interview was recorded at Big Finish Day 3 – thanks again to Big Finish and 10th Planet Events and of course to both Tony Whitmore and Laura Cowen.

Join James and Trev next week as they discuss….well, that would be telling wouldn’t it?!


This week a veritable feast of DVD reviewing as Trevor, James and Tom chow down on two classic era DVD releases.  The First Doctor story Planet of Giants and the Third Doctor story The Ambassadors of Death fall under the microscope of the DWP campervan team.

Also included this week is a review of one of the more recent Tom Baker Big Finish audios, The Auntie Matter.

Now the dust has settled with the Name of the Doctor having screened and most (but not all!) of the secrets have been revealed, Ian and Tom push back in a lazy chair and discuss Series 7B as a whole.  Their highlights, their lowlights, what worked, what didn’t, and the magic time travelling properties of coffee.

All this and so much more in another episode of THE Doctor Who Podcast.

We are finally here.  The long journey that began way back in September 2012 comes to an end with The Name of the Doctor.  Comes to an end, but also tantalises us with the voyage we have ahead of us in this anniversary.

An eager Trevor, James and Tom are in the campervan this time around, all bursting at the seams to share their thoughts on the final story of Series 7.

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This episode of the THE Doctor Who Podcast has it all.  Spoiler filled (and appropriately flagged) discussion, potted reviews of the episodes so far, and the return of The Onion Boy, Tom to the hallowed kitchen of the DWP Campervan.

A truly wide ranging discussion on all things Who, an episode not to be missed.

It’s not just reimagined Cybermen making a return this week, Ian makes a return to the Campervan too.  Oh, and Stephen, after guesting on last week’s show has made himself comfortable and joins us once again  – the campervan is full this week!  Join the lads for for an ‘upgraded’ DWP as they appraise Neil Gaiman’s second Doctor Who script, Nightmare In Silver.   Tune in to find out if they give it the thumbs up – or use the Cybermen’s immortal cry of ‘Delete, Delete, Delete’!

It’s another episode of The Doctor Who Podcast and this time, Trevor and James are joind by Stephen Prescott of A Madman With  Box Podcast fame.  Join the lads as they talk about Mark Gatiss’ second script of this year’s run of episodes. What did they make of it?! They also take some time to talk about Doctor Who in the fiftieth anniversary year – just how is the celebratory year going so far and what can we look forward to over the next twelve months or so?

This week The DWP bring you a review from the very epicentre of the Campervan – the kitchen.  Joined by their good friend Michael from the Tin Dog Podcast Trevor and James review Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS.