Join Brent, Michele and Drew for their instant reaction to Episode 3 of the current series, Boom! It’s *really* hard to type “Boom” without an exclamation mark!

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Join Phil, James, Brent and Michele as they (finally) catch up with the Campervan (that Drew was driving way to fast after his instant reacation in Episode 374) and have their say on last weekend’s new episodes of Doctor Who.

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This is THE Doctor Who Podcast! Now in our 14th Year, Episode 374 is the best time possible to jump on board with us!

Join Drew as he takes control of the DWP Campervan/RV for a spin around the first two episodes of Series 1/14/40. Space Babies and The Devil’s Chord have been available on Disney+ and BBC iPlayer for a good few hours now – so there’s no reason for us not release our review too!

The rest of the DWP crew (or some of them) will be back midweek with Episode 374A to provide a less-instant, more considered view of the episodes. Yes, regular listeners will be laughing in the Campervan aisle.

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The Doctor Who Podcast returns from a spring break rested and refreshed. This time, Michele, Brent, and Drew take the campervan wheel to steer through a flurry of Doctor Who news releases.

Up for scrutiny and discussion: episode titles, the ch-ch-changes new season trailer, official companion news, and new Doctor Who novels for your summer reading list. Then Ian and Michele travel back in time to review the first-ever short trip from Big Finish, Rise and Fall. Finally, the happy campers finish with a look at your latest feedback, including more discussion of the new Big Finish Range Dark Gallifrey. Should you want to judge it for yourself, you can hear the first 15 minutes of the Morbius trilogy at the end of this Big Finish Podcast from 31st March.

Will the crew be as accurate as usual about things to come? Probably. But enjoy the show anyway!

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Happy New Year! It’s 2024!! Where did 2023 go?!

The 60th Anniversary of Doctor Who is now behind us. Join James and Phil as they relive some of the highlights of their year (and completely forget about others) from the comfort of the DWP Campervan.

What was your Doctor Who highlight of 2023?! Let us know by getting in touch with us on Twitter (or X), Facebook or by email.

We’ll be back in a couple of weeks with our predictions show for 2024!

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It’s here! Hop on board the Campervan as James, Ian and Phil talk about Ncuti Gatwa’s first full episode of Doctor Who, The Church on Ruby Road! What did they make of Ncuti versus Goblins in the first episode of Doctor Who to air on Christmas Day since 2017?!

As always, you can get in touch with the Campervan on Twitter (or X), Facebook or by email. We’ll be pulling into the next galactic lay-by towards the end of the year when we will bring you our review of the 60th anniversary year.

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No new Doctor Who on our screens this weekend! How are you coping?! The sense of loss is palpable here in the campervan, so Michele, Ian and James get together over a mug of Horlicks and remissness about the three celebratory episodes we’ve enjoyed over the last month.

What do they think of bi-regeneration after the twist on regeneration was introduced to Doctor Who fans and the wider viewing public a week ago? Was the arrival of the 15th Doctor 20 minutes earlier than anticipated overshadowed by the 14th not wanting to go one last time?! And which DWP host is most likely to be found in the Campervan’s vegetable patch shooting moles?! Tune in to fine out. 🙂

We’ll be back mid-week with a preview of this year’s Christmas Special, The Church of Ruby Road. Phew, it’s all go here in the campervan! Well, it would be if there wasn’t a mole stuck in the exhaust pipe.

Enjoy the show!

Join Drew, Brent and Ian as they bring you a “more considered” take (allegedly) on the weekend’s brand new offering of Doctor Who, The Giggle.

We’ll be back shortly to wrap up our coverage of the sixtieth anniversary specials – before we head long into Christmas – more Ncuti, goblins and a brand new companion named Ruby!

Enjoy the show.